Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wish list Wednesday & a touch of trompe-l'oeil...

The "A" List
I think this print would be perfect in our office.
One of my favorite things to do is sit at our desk and prepare snail mail. It's my happy place!

If I was a tote...
This would be it!

I'd like to replace our office chair. The one we have is lacking personality.
A mustard Eames would do the trick! Can you tell I'm a little bit obsessed?
I'd like an Eames in every room if I had my choice.

I love Hable Construction, and one day I will own one of their creations! They're simple and festive.
While this bushel has a rather steep price tag, I'd like something similar to replace our crusty hamper.
Like our current office chair, the laundry basket we have also lacks character and a cute factor. I just hate that!

I'm just dying to have a reason to purchase a Dash & Albert Rug.
The crisp combo of green and white stripes would make for an amazing runner in our hallway.

I know I can find a use for this hand stamped linen ribbon. I may just have to slip it in my etsy cart.
Shh, don't tell flyboy. I've reassured him that I spend most of my time on Pinterest these days!

I'm intrigued by a French coffee press.
After I read about the Pioneer Woman's perfect iced coffee, I kinda think we need one!

A bouquet of peonies would be especially wonderful. The sight of them makes me incredibly happy!

And now, a taste of trompe-l'oeil...
In case you're unaware of the term, trompe-l'oeil is French for "deceive the eye." 
It's an art and design technique used to create an optical illusion with extremely realistic detail.
It's often thought to have originated during the Baroque period, but dates back to Greek and Roman times -- evidence of this technique has been found in Pompeii. I came across a few adorable examples of modern trompe-l'oeil recently. I'm absolutely smitten with the following clever uses of the technique!
Now that's a gallery wall!
What do you think about this wannabe Hermes Birkin?
It could add a touch of class to your collection of canvas grocery sacks...
Who needs a mirror anyway?
Kate Spade Laptop Case: Charming as ever!!
I love a good stack o' books. How about this Anthropologie wallpaper?
I couldn't resist!
This towel just made me giggle.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. 
My sister is moving in with her main squeeze, and we've had several phone chats regarding decor for their new digs. How do you combine styles? I've got a few ideas as to how they might adorn their new apartment with elements that express both their personalities and interests.
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  1. Love hable construction & eames...also a little obsessed! And if you need French press java pointers let me know...another one of my obsessions;)