Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Round Up

Here are a few simple things that rocked my world this week...
Out of clutter, find simplicity.
As I get older, I see the charm in a stack of books or an arrangement of plates displayed on a wall.
Thank you Fernand Leger for bringing such beauty to my attention.

5 big belly laughs courtesy of Bravo
#1.) Mary & Nathan fly to North Carolina to visit the High Point Furniture Market
Very, um, Gone with the Wind-ish...
Did anyone else laugh out loud when Nathan and Mary (Million Dollar Decorators) showed up at a Comfort Suites Inn in North Carolina and Mary was less than impressed? "Is North Carolina the south?" Her one-liners had me rolling. Click on the caption above to check it out. I can't help it, but I absolutely adore her. She's a giant hoot! I was thoroughly entertained.

#2.) Kathryn joins Martyn in Palm Springs
Daaaahling, do come out and play.
I'll have what she's having.
Kathryn decides to join Martyn in Palm Springs to "help" him with the hotel suite he's designing. She also sees the trip as a chance to recharge her creative juices. After an afternoon in the sun with a few "purple drinks," calamari, and bacon-wrapped dates, Martyn finds Kathryn all snuggled up napping. I love Kathryn already, but I REALLY love her when she hits the sauce. A hint of Ashley, a dash of Kathryn and a cup of Jacqueline could be the recipe for an amazeball time. Anyone want to join us? Watch the clip here.

#3.) Jay Mohr in the WWHL Clubhouse
I saw it with mis ojos!
I was thoroughly impressed with guest host and New Jersey Housewives super fan, Jay Mohr. As a fish sticks-on-Friday kinda girl, I was a little hesitant about the idea. I love me some Andy Cohen; however, the Gimme Mohr blogger did not disappoint. He showed up sans socks (Andy should be proud) and kept the format the same (3 things, mazel of the week, drinking game, etc.). One thing I especially loved about his appearance was his no- holds-barred approach. He said what we were all thinking -- there was no pussyfooting around on Sunday night's episode. I especially got a kick out of his take on Melissa Gorga's up-and-coming singing career and her producers, Soul Diggaz. If AC jet sets off to St. Tropez again, I would gladly welcome Jay back, but I want Jeff to be one of his guests.

#4.) Jeff & Jeanne
Jeff, go sit on that toilet.
I'm not sure I've ever seen Jeff meet his match, and I think he did in this past week's episode. You can see this peculiar respect he has for Jeanne on his face. He's utterly intrigued and humored by his client. Her one-liners are hilarious -- "Look at you all cute while I look like a lesbian!" Ha-ha! And why is it that swear words do sound better when mixed with southern charm? When they're together picking out a toilet, shower head and faucet, I about lost it. I mean, what client could actually force Jeff to go sit on a toilet and try it before he chooses it for its aesthetic qualities? She's filthy rich and constantly trolling for a deal. I believe that Jeff respects the fact that she has turned her property into a sweatshop with air mattresses and hoses set up as showers. Watch Jeff respond to nutty here.

#5.) When turtle time meets Doug E. Fresh
This beat was bubblegum, so I had to chew it.
Watching Ramona, Alex and Sonja update their dance moves last night was ALMOST too painful to watch. Don't get me wrong, I definitely had to rewind and watch it again. It was just that good. Not to mention, I feel 10 times better about my own dance moves after seeing Alex back it up and dump it. If I were Ramona, I wouldn't worry as much about embarrassing Avery with Luann's music video. I think the deed was done in the dance studio. It's clear that all these ladies need is a beat that's super bumpin'.

Now that you've been Bravo-fied, we'll move on to a few other things that made me grin, giggle and feel utterly grateful.

a cheeky hat
This lively straw hat by Kate Spade should be arriving at my doorstep any day now. 
It was on sale just begging me to buy it. It was a no-brainer. I mean, think about this hat's future...
Beach themed parties, a possible prop in our Christmas card (a little foreshadowing?), etc. 
Not to mention, she will look darling on our hall tree.

foot Relief
DIY foot scrub and this Aveda foot cream should do the trick! Add a little Essie Tart Deco and we have perfection. After a pedicure like this, you'll be proud enough to go barefoot like Audrey!
Has anyone ever looked so cute golfing?

a supportive family
Every Day I Love You
This past Christmas, my parents got us this giant wooden wall calendar from Sugarboo Designs. This gift has turned out to be one of my favorites from them because I get to interact with it on a daily basis. It's the best reminder ever. I'm truly blessed. While the flyboy is away, time can often go very slow. I have moments when I'm feeling a little blue, and I'll receive an etsy link or a random text -- reminders that I'm truly loved. I honestly can't wait to wake up each morning and turn the arrow; it's even better than starting the coffee pot. It makes me feel that much closer to the next time we're all together! It's great to have something to look forward to, isn't it?

ride & conquer
Spinners are winners.
I think my bike and I made amends this week. 
To show my gratitude, I created a new workout playlist...

Uncharted, Sara Bareilles
Let's Go, Trick Daddy
The Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga
Run the World (Girls), Beyonce
Photograph, Def Leppard
Turning Tables, Adele
I Wanna Go, Britney Spears
Singing in the Rain/Umbrella, Glee Cast (Gwyneth!)
99 Problems, Jay-Z
Dog Days are Over, Florence + the Machine
PYT, Michael Jackson
You Make My Dreams, Hall & Oates (a tribute to my schwester)
Swing Ya Rag, T.I.
She's Not There, Glee Cast
Feelin' Satisfied, Boston
Right Round, Flo Rida & Ke$ha
Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
Take a Back Road, Rodney Atkins

I don't like to parade around in my bike shorts. I have worn them in public a few times because I wanted to support flyboy's need to be just like Lance Armstrong during our newlywed phase. To be honest, I'm not very proud to confess that I even own a pair. After the Modern Family episode with Cam in his shorts, I constantly feel like my lower half should be blurred out as well. They're just the most unflattering thing ever made, but I do appreciate the extra cush for my tush -- another reason I choose to do this at home!
Lose the bike shorts!

on a prettier note...
*image via Lonny

Have a wonderful weekend!
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