Friday, February 17, 2012

Color Burst

This color combo is absolute pair-fection! Don't you agree? It shouts, "Hello! I'm cheerful and bold! Incorporate me into your wardrobe or home, and I dare you to not be happy." To personify colors in this way is borderline crazy pants. I get it. But, as the reigning Queen of Crazy Town, I'll continue this colorful chit chat as I wish. Won't you join me in my efforts to live color fully? I've always loved orange, but my affinity for pink has only intensified with age. Anyone with me? I guess I never realized how girly I am until recently. If you would have told me 10 years ago that pink would be one of my favorite brights, I would have told you to sell crazy somewhere else. These days, it's one of my go-to pops of color. For those of you who might doubt this color choice, I haven't gone all Barbie and Pinkalicious on you. I prefer this POC paired with other bright hues like orange. Take a look at some of my favorites...
1. Lessons in Neon / 2. Raffia Tweed Bracelet / 3. Perfect Pink Print / 4. Talitha Blouse / 5. Color Stacked Clutch / 6. Blurry Floral Emmie
Pop It! / Lara Harwood / Orange Bird
Roses / A Bright Spot / Ranunculus Color Palette
Friends Lift You Higher / Chevron Tote Bag
Have a wonderful weekend! Got any big plans?

P.S. You may have noticed a little blog facelift. What can I say? I get bored easily.
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  1. such a great color combo! my love for pink has grown so much in the last few years and orange always adds a nice pop of color.

  2. I have been loving this color combo lately! Its so bold and cheery! Hope you have a great weekend Ashley!

  3. I never liked pink much either, but it has really grown on me in the past year or so. Maybe it's because I'm surrounded by males, so I need something to offset the testosterone :P