Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spotted & Hearted

I think Valentine's Day gets a bad rap. What's not to love about a holiday filled with snail mail and punchy pops of red and pink hearts? Cynics say it's an over-commercialized holiday created by the card companies, while the unattached have coined February 14th as Singles Awareness Day. Boo, I say to the pessimists out there! Who would turn down a reason to celebrate love and life? I know this post has gone all glitter and rainbows quickly, but I'm taking this opportunity to remind you to love your life. Every detail of it. Acknowledge the love you give and get from your family and friends. Become smitten with the life you've been given and grateful for daily blessings. While I believe we should treat every day in such a manner, it's easy to let the drab details of everyday life cloud our vision. Instead, let's use today to reflect on the good. Now go on and cut your sandwich in a cheesy heart shape, and carpe the heck out of the diem!

While you scarf down that sandwich, here are a few things that make my heart content...

He(art) It! / You're A Gem / Precious in Pink 

What do YOU love most about life?
Do tell. I can't wait to hear!
Have an a-mazing Tuesday!
P.S. It's not too late to send a Valentine to the ones you love! Check out these links...
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  1. Valentine's Day is great! We have a snow day today, so I'm thinking that we will probably be celebrating hearts day tomorrow in 5th grade!

  2. You tell it, Ashley! I got the best V-Day card this morning; Charlie wrote all of our names on it by himself. I will keep it forever, along with the precious look on Ben's face when I gave him a stuffed Snoopy with a heart that says "Happiness is being loved". Top it off with Candy Factory chocolate covered strawberries, and the day is complete :)

  3. so glad you came and commented on my blog. checked out yours and i love it as well. i'm definetely a new follower and would love if you followed mine.

    "Felices los amados y los amantes y los que pueden prescindir del amor."
    Jorge Luís Borges

    Happy Valentine's!!!



  4. I heart chocolate. And good blogs. :)

  5. Happy Polka Hearts! Thanks for stopping by to comment. I have lurve for you all:)

    Amy - I just love the details from your V-Day! It warmed my heart to hear how you and the boys were spreading the love Adam style:)

    Tommy - I heart you!

    Jordon - I hope you have fun post-snow day passing out love grams:) I'm sure your students will adore whatever it is you have in store. You're such a great teacher!!!