Monday, February 20, 2012

Life's Little Details

Discover and treasure the beauty and sweetness of everyday moments.
An Afternoon Reward / Beach Reading Material
Vintage Stamps (Thanks, AB!) / Rifle Valentine (Thanks, Aub!)
A Nice Reminder / Valentine's Day Acquisition (Thanks, Flyboy!)
Fun Straws / Fresh Tulips
No, You Are! / Floral Ensemble 
Another Annoying Trolley / Currently Reading (Thanks, AB!)
Tripp & Truck Rides / Stay Inspired
A Colorful Hankie (Thanks, AB!) / J.Crew Flats & Lust 
An Afternoon Movie / Beesly Loves Snuggling
Kate Spade Pins / Color Burst: Pink + Orange Clutch
Local Signage / Heading Home
I hope you're enjoying the three-day weekend. Happy Presidents' Day!
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  1. Loving Zooey on the cover of Allure! Shes so cute as always!

  2. LOVE your Valentine's Day shoes! Where did Flyboy purchase those?

  3. You're more than welcome! I'm so glad you liked your treats! You deserve them :)

  4. love the floral ensemble! the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society is so so good, hope you like it.

  5. HAVE to ask... are those Toms?! I want to order the flats so bad but I want to make sure they're super comfortable!!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments! You made my day:)

    They are definitely TOMS Ballet Flats. I adore them! They're super comfy. I ordered a size 8 (my regular size), and they were a little big. I think a 7.5 would have been too small, so I put inserts in them and they are perfect. I would highly recommend them:)