Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Etsy: Take Five Tuesday

Joyful Simplicities -- Like wasting hours on etsy?
Here are five etsy finds that were just so stinkin' cute, I had to push that little heart button and share them with you. Have you stumbled upon any splendid new vendors? Remember our policy, I'll show you mine, if you show me yours...
Pretty Smitten
A snazzy personalized iPad case? Sign me up! Pretty smitten, indeed.

Katharine Watson
 Look at this whimsical hand-block printed monogram card. That was a mouthful, but oh-so adorable!
Fortune by Kim Dulaney
Industrial meets hot pink and mint fluorite with this beautiful bead bracelet.

Tabletop Made
Long live the handwritten note! I'm making this my personal mission.

Little Bright Studio
Tell your friends and family they're awesome with one of these prize ribbons!

Have you made anything handmade lately? 
Do tell us about your latest and greatest crafty successes and failures.
Feeling nifty and thrifty? Why not try making one of these confetti tablecloths.

Happy Happy Tuesday!
(I figured today should be extra happy.)

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  1. This particular etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lovelyyellowribbons

    has great military related prints that aren't too military. She's out east looking at grad schools right now, but she's supposed to be back soon and open back up. For Valentine's, I got us the Keep Calm and Fly on print and the Come Fly With Me!

    Love these!

  2. I. want. that. ipad. case. oh, and an ipad. haha

  3. love the ipad case...but the photo especially!!:)