Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

Happy Friday, my dearest bloggie friends! This has been quite an eventful week. Ya feel me? After almost two months of quality time with Flyboy, it was only a matter of time before he would grace the open skies again. And in true Air Force fashion, his itinerary changed several times. It was one of those great reminders -- change is our only constant with this lifestyle. It was a good way to get back into the swing of things. In fact, I was completely unprepared for all of this change, and you know all too well that Type-A is a planner. I planned on him leaving early in the week, so I never planned this week's menu. Whoops! And with my new part-time gig, I never made time to get groceries, so the fridge and pantry were pretty bare. It was only a few shifts of work, but finding time to blog and produce quality posts became rather challenging. These problems may seem minute, but I can't say I felt like I had my act together this week, and I hate that feeling. I know I'm going to find a rhythm in this new routine, but I'm looking forward to this weekend as I've got a rather lengthy to-do list. Now that Flyboy's departed, it's time I make a trip to the grocery store and sit down for an intense blog brainstorming sesh. Most importantly, I need to make some time to catch up with family and friends. Big Deal Alert: I didn't send one piece of snail mail this week, and I haven't talked to my sister in 10 days. That's just pitiful! MUST regroup and stat. With that being said, it's gin o' clock somewhere! In need of a fizzy gimlet to welcome the weekend? Why not whip up a Honey Badger? It's the perfect reminder to not care so much -- it's an absolute party in a cup!
Not in the mood for tasty libations? 
Here are five things that made me feel twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

Illustration by Emily McDowell
First off, I thank you for your continued support and encouragement. It means the most to me! 
You come back every day, and you leave comments. You give me so many reasons to smile.

Danielle Moss (Breakfast at Toast) and Alaina Kaczmarski (Live Creating Yourself) launched The Everygirl this week, a new site intended to help and inspire creative and career-driven women to lead a life well-lived with stories and tips regarding style, career, finance, and living. I was particularly smitten with their list of kitchen essentials and 10 budget-friendly meals. Gee, I wonder why? I'm also quite tickled by their "Use Fancy Words" category and their budget handbook. I'm ecstatic to see what these talented ladies have got up their sleeves! They've left me pining for more.

Ever the loyalist, I can't seem to get enough of J.Crew's newest arrivals. This stripe boatneck with colorblock action (look at that perfect punch of pink) made me click my heels at first sight. Leave it to J.Crew to offer another subtle reminder to look on the bright side!

I'm a ginormous fan of Lulie Wallace's work, but I think this little gem is my favorite hands down. Look at that perfect shade of green in the background? And white stripes? I'm in lurve. It's like this painting found me when I needed a splash of happy. I must thank AB for her sweet Pinning skills; she indirectly introduced me to my newest Lulie love.


Confetti is the only way to cure the creativity blues! I think I might make a few of these cards to celebrate the weekend and catch up with a-mazing friends. I'm bringing postal back...

Do you have any weekend plans? Do tell.
Thanks for tuning in! 
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  1. What's this new part-time gig? Did you open a cake pop bakery and not tell me?! Be sure to root for Mizzou tomorrow, they'll be in Lawrence with those birds that shall not be named.

  2. I must have missed something..when did you start a new job and what are you doing? Is it the student teaching you were getting into?

  3. I guess I kinda left that detail out, didn't I? Whoops! I'm actually working part-time at one of my favorite retailers (wink, wink) for the discount and to meet new people. It's been fun! I was kind of fed up with the HI school system. It's hard to get a job here unless you have an in with some of the locals. For now, this will work! It's been a fun reason to leave Lil' Puna and socialize:)

    Hope you have a swell weekend!!! Go Tigers:) Flip that bird!!!

  4. It's ok, Type-A(sh)! Sometimes we all get a little bit out of control. You'll get your groove back.

  5. Well hey, if you get a discount at the new gig, it's a win win win (said in best Michael Scott voice). :)