Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

The Beauty Department
Applying make-up and trying new looks can be somewhat intimidating to me. Despite being a product junkie, I'm quick to stick to my usual routine. I've never been the kind of girl who enjoys getting her make-up done by professionals at a beauty counter. Ideally, I'd like to "put my face on" in five minutes or less; I'm just rammy like that. I realize this approach isn't always realistic, especially with my skin's complexion and rugged past. In fact, I watch my cousin - a MAC make-up artist - apply her make-up and she looks flawless, never overdone. As she works her magic, she refers to each brush number as though it's a best friend -- kind of like I do with cardigans. Years ago, my mom, sister, and I, sat down with her to get tips of the trade. When we're all together, the three of us marvel at the variety of techniques she uses, and we're in awe of her make-up collection. Within minutes we've learned something new! And while I wish we got to have this sort of quality time on a regular basis, it just doesn't happen very often. Le sigh.

So what's a girl to do when her favorite beauty guru lives thousands of miles away and she could use a make-up refresher course?
Enter Lisa Eldridge -- the Nigella Lawson of the beauty world. There's just something about her that's so calming. Perhaps it's that lovely accent? Anywho, I spent a good 45 minutes this past Friday wasting time on her Website. I must say, it was definitely time well wasted! Note: That's me giving you permission to take 10 minutes for yourself and visit her site. You won't regret it! There are tutorials to create every look imaginable. 

Here are a few helpful tutorials...
The "No Make-Up" Make-up video is essential for those of us who want something classic and simple. Miss Eldridge is definitely the queen of understated and fresh looks.

Every girl needs a brow routine. Here's your how-to!
Visit Lisa's Website for more beauty basics, glam how-to videos and her helpful blog.

All of this discussion about make-up has me feeling rather nosy. What's in your make-up bag? What are your daily beauty essentials? Send me an email with a list of your favorites, and I'll share them with our One Fine Day bloggie community. Are you in? I sure hope so!

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I want a family makeup sesh! And thanks for the videos. There's always a new trick to learn. I will for sure send you an email with my products!

  2. I would love love love to have a master do my make up.I never know what I'm doing, haha!

  3. You're so funny. I love how that first picture set the tone for this post.

  4. Thanks for the makeup tutorials! I always feel like a kid who never quite mastered the art of makeup. Videos like this always have great advice and good ideas!

  5. Oh hey, I don't have you email, but here's a link to my pinterest board that has most of my makeup bag in it: