Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Style Files: The Sidewalk Skimmer

If you're in the market for a pair of flats with comfort and flair, look no further. Madewell's Sidewalk Skimmer has got to be my favorite shoe purchase. This past December, I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. I'd been eyeing these suede cobalt skimmers after obsessing over Zooey D's bright blue flats in New Girl

Must. Have. Flats. Now.

This obsession could be seen by some as unhealthy, but the addition of the Sidewalk Skimmer gave new life to my wardrobe. I wear these flats all of the time. In fact, I wore them for the first time all over New York City and the MoMA, and I couldn't complain. This may have been a gutsy move, but in the name of fashion, they completed the outfit perfectly. If that's not a testimony, I don't know what is. While the cost is somewhat steep ($88), they're an absolute treat yo'self MUST! You won't regret this wardrobe investment.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S. You have my stamp of approval to treat yo'self!
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  1. I love the polka dots! I've been saying forever I want a pair of polka dot flats!

  2. i LOVE the madewell flats! the striped and green ones are totally calling me.

  3. I just bought THREE pairs of flats from .. I went a little crazy!