Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Ode to Iris

As I was flipping through the pages of the latest J.Crew Style Guide—okay, let's be real, it was probably the third time I pored over this past issue—I was reminded that I've never really expressed my true love for style icon, Iris Apfel, on m' blog. She's one of those women who instantly warms my heart whenever I see an image that features her or read an interview with her. She epitomizes what it means to be flamboyant and quirky. I want to BE her. She makes me want to speed up time so I can be just as carefree and fabulous. Wait, why is it that I feel a need to be ninety years old before I can be completely comfortable with my own personal style? Does this mean I'm going to have to wait numerous decades before I actually feel carefree and fabulous? That sounds so silly, but with age comes wisdom and security in oneself. Rare birds like Iris are there to remind us to take risks and be the best version of you. Why wait when you can be YOU today? Take advice from Iris and don't put any thought into what others might think. Wear what makes you happy! I don't consider myself a fashionable person. I know what I like, and I'm learning what works best on me. I'm not trendy; I'll take a Tippi sweater or v-neck tee any day of the week. With that being said, women like Iris have taught me that I can take whatever pieces of clothing I feel most comfortable wearing and express my personality through accessories. This gal brakes for baubles and colorful ballet flats, but you already knew that! What's your jam? Don't be afraid to play around and experiment, but don't force yourself to wear something that doesn't feel like YOU either. I think we all need a little dose of Iris to boost our style confidence.
P.S. Can't get enough of Iris? Read this. Looking for a smile? This picture should do the trick!

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