Monday, March 4, 2013

Life's Little Details

Here's a glimpse of what's been going on around Lil' Puna lately...
Couldn't have said it better myself! // Bobbies with bling. // Fresh Tulips // A day at the beach with my trusty sidekick.
Cookies and Coffee // Flyboy visited Trier, Germany—my old stomping grounds. // Beesly's Blow Out // Work Ensemble 
My new favorite flats. // Spots and Dots // I'm partial to this snazzy ensemble. // A stylish pile of goodies on my desk.
Spending my day off seaside. // Cheap thrills at Forever 21. // Catching up on correspondence. // Kate Spade Keds
Happy Monday, m' dears! Flyboy's been home for one full week, and having him around has been heavenly. I tried a few new recipes, and we even logged in some quality time at the beach. Sheer bliss, I say! I really think this was just what I needed. I was starting to go fifty shades of cray without his company. I was especially excited because his latest travels took him to Germany for a day or two. They visited a few towns that my family and I frequented when my dad was stationed in the area. It was fun to look at all of his photos and ticket stubs. It made me reminisce about old times and look forward to the day that we can take a Euro trip together. Until then, I'll live vicariously through his iPhone pictures and cherish our time together in Hawaii. There's so much to be grateful for!

Enough about me, what made your weekend special? Cheers to a snazzy week ahead!

P.S. Stalking your local Kate Spade store really pays off. I stopped by on Friday to ask when their collaboration with Keds would be available. Hours later I got a phone call and one of the sales associates informed me that she had just unpacked the shipment of spotted and gingham shoes. Naturally, I stopped by after work and picked up a pair! To say I'm giddy would be an understatement. I feel like I'm in grade school again—except this time I'll obsess about keeping my Keds white instead of my mother! I guess it's time to get out the Scotch Guard. Running around the island with polka dots on my feet never looked so good.
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