Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I should keep today's post short and sweet because I have a fat stack of thank-you notes to tend to (Oh, hey Christmas gifts!), and we all know that nap time is sacred around here. Anywho, I thought we could all use a little mid-week pick-me-up, so I've decided to treat my dear readers to a cup of coffee. That's right, YOU deserve a cup of sass! While I wish we could really meet in person and drone on about important topics such as striped ballet flats and polka-dot envelope liners, I've decided doling out five $10 Starbucks gift cards will just have to do for now. I repeat, FIVE lucky readers will win a gift card loaded with ten bucks to be spent at our beloved coffee chain. Interested in entering the giveaway? Prepare yourself for this next part. It's going to be a real doozy...

Leave a comment below. Tell me a joke. Ask a question. 
Offer some blog feedback. Share something random about yourself. It's not rocket science.

I typically do the talking around here, so it would be fabulous to hear from YOU for once! There have been countless occasions when your kindness has meant so much. Whether it's humoring me with J.Crew's new arrivals, reading my pointless ramblings in Thursday's Thoughts, or sending words of encouragement when this whole mom thing gets murky—it's appreciated more than you know!!! While this little giveaway pales in comparison to what you all do for me, it's only fair that I return the favor every now and then.

Note: All five caffeinated winners will be announced in this Friday's Love List. They will be selected randomly via Rafflecopter.


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