Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Happy Tuesday, y'all! It's a new week, and I've come prepared with a fresh dose of details. Let's hop to it...

  • Despite the rosy photos presented in today's post, last week definitely had its share of trying moments. You guys, I'm learning that motherhood is NOT for the faint of heart. YOWZAH! As someone who likes to complete tasks and check items off my list, I'm constantly reminded that there is NO finish line when it comes to parenting. Surviving (and occasionally thriving) another day is the only real thing I can cross off m' list each night. Just as I grow comfortable with one stage or technique, it's time to change it up. Yet again. And while I understand that each parent and child have their own set of individual needs, it's hard not to compare your wily tot with the well-behaved babe in the shopping cart behind you. With each day, Max becomes stronger and even more tenacious than I thought possible. I try to make light (cope, really...) of his stubborn and independent side with humor, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I end up in tears quite often. I know they say that great kids aren't born, they're made, and believe me when I say that I'm SO willing to put in the work. I suppose Max is just pushing me to rethink my toolkit?? In a moment of despair, I ended up on Amazon (AGAIN!) and ordered a boat load of parenting books specifically geared toward the strong-willed child. Lord help me!
  • In the spirit of keeping things real and not sounding like a total downer, I should also mention that there are so many adorable aspects to this growing boy. I may count down the minutes until it's nap time, but I'm incredibly eager to play with him when he wakes. Watching him march around the house with great purpose is a hoot. This kid is ALWAYS on a mission. Oh, and I'll hand out extra bonus points if he's donning his camera or talking on his imaginary cell phone. I guess this means I'll never have to hire a social media rep in the event One Fine Day hits it BIG time. Ha Ha!
  • I'm a firm believer that "introverts got to introvert." That statement probably makes NO sense grammatically, but as someone who relishes alone time, I was pretty stinking ecstatic to get my hair done on Saturday (grey strays, stay away!) and squeeze in a moment to try out my new nail polish. Every once in awhile, it's best to make primping a priority. Just as I hoped, Odeme's poppy shade called "Cuba Libre" definitely lived up to his Clambake hype.
  • I think we can all agree it's tough to come off of a vacay high. To remedy this, I thought it was brilliant to bring home leftovers from Momofuku's Milk Bar. Hmm, let's see... Being left unattended with an assortment of delicious cookies and a spirited/teething 15 month old—well, that's just a recipe for disaster! No New Year's inspired juice cleanses here, although I probably should. Also, do me a favor and DON'T ask Flyboy how many of those leftovers he got to eat. Oops!
  • Speaking of the man of the house, let me take a moment to be all bragadocious. I hope you don't mind! You see, we learned over the holiday break that Flyboy's Christmas lights were GRAND CHAMPION worthy. That's right, he placed FIRST overall in the base lighting contest!!! Woot woot! Of course, this meant it was rough for Captain Christmas to dismantle his outdoor holiday decor this past weekend, but I'm proud to announce that he's already brainstorming about December 2016. After my hair appointment on Saturday, I had the honor in assisting him with the twinkle-light take down. You could say it's the one day each year that he gets to boss me around. Excuse me, I think I meant assertive...
  • Maybe we should go ahead and discuss the fifth photo?!? It's not bad enough that Maxwell can walk, nay run, but now he's CLIMBING the furniture. What the?!? Clearly I'm all out of leftover cookies at this point, so eating my feelings is no longer an option anymore. Sigh. Perhaps it's best if I go hide in my closet again and try on my sparkly heels once more?? Can somebody tell me where I can find the #BOYMOM Handbook?? I couldn't find it on Amazon. Wink, wink.
  • Finally, I'm aware Max's straps in the first photo are caddywhompus. It's only his stroller, not his car seat, and it's the best we could get considering the meltdown and wrestlemania it took to get him buckled in. I realize this may sound silly, but I feel like it's the sort of thing you have to preface anymore when you post these sorts of pictures online.

Okay, enough about me. How the heck are YOU?? Over and out.

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