Wednesday, January 27, 2016



We've remained fairly healthy around here this Winter, but it looks as though Max has caught a cruddy cold and cough this week. Go figure! To combat the congestion, we've spent a good amount of our week snuggling to the sweet sound of Sesame Street and stacking boxes. Yes, you read that correctly. Boxes. Lucky for Max, the fun we had playing with recycled Amazon and macaroni and cheese boxes got a bit of an upgrade over Christmas when he received this cheerful set of stackers. The simple toy infuses just the right amount of color into our day and offers an endless amount of entertainment for the both of us. While I feed my urge to organize, my little Texas Tornado gets to be destructive. It's perfect, really! And perhaps I've grown a bit delirious after picking up far too many toys and books, but I can't help but delight in the artful way these boxes look no matter how they're arranged.

So take that, Winter blues! We'll settle instead for a burst of hump-day hues.

P.S. Try not to look too closely. That's definitely a little bit of Oreo underneath Max's fingernails. Oy!

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