Tuesday, March 15, 2016



Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! I wasn't entirely sure today's post would even happen, so let's get straight to the details...

  • On a whim, I decided to call one of the Volkswagen dealers in San Antonio last week to see if they recommended any body shops in the local area. I suppose I was feeling antsy and eager for productivity. This particular dealership isn't where we typically have The Rig serviced, but I figured a quick phone call couldn't hurt. They're all the same, right?! We just want our car fixed and we want it done with quality and care. So after a five-minute discussion, I forwarded the insurance estimates on to the body shop and within a day Flyboy received a phone call about the job. Woo Hoo! Yesterday we made a trip up to SA and dropped our beloved Rig off for repairs. We're one step closer to getting back to the norm and I couldn't be happier that we don't have to wait another FIVE WEEKS before having the car fixed.
  • An impromptu trip to the big city meant kicking off the week in the best way possible. Did somebody say Target and Trader Joe's?! Our pantry is so full with goodies it's slightly embarrassing. I'm not sure I can be trusted home alone with Gummy Tummies, Boom Chicka Pop, and my favorite Three-Layer Hummus. Gimme alllllllllll the treats.
  • Have you seen the latest J.Crew Style Guide?! The Gingham Index has me smiling from ear to ear. How fun would it be to compile research like that?? Um, the BEST! Hey, Mickey and Jenna! Call me. I brake for stylish stats.
  • While we're sipping the Crew-Laid, I should probably mention this shirt. Stripes with a pom-pom trim. Holy WOW!
  • It's no secret the past month has been a bit nutty. Thankfully, after a quick trip to the clinic on Friday to see the pediatrician, it's clear Max is on the mend. While the five-hour afternoon naps (WTF?!) last week were great opportunities to clean the house, blog, and get lost in the latest issue of Domino, I'm grateful our tot is back to his wily ways.
  • I came home from Iowa to find that Big Tex has SIX new shoots. I really can't allow my accidental green thumb to get to my head, but I'm so stinking excited that I've somehow managed to keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig alive for 2.5 years.

Alright, enough of our Swell Rio shenanigans. How the heck are YOU?! Do tell. I'm dying to know.
P.S. I promise to reply to all of your fabulous comments this afternoon! I'm behind. Again.

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