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Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's get the blog week started with a few of m' favorite details AND a giveaway winner...
  • You see that top photo? I get that expression/gesture numerous times a day because toddlers like Max have soooooooo many emotions. When this wily Fine isn't throwing his body on the ground dramatically—we're talking Daytime Emmy-award-winning performances—you'll find him covering his eyes in disgust because he's probably being told "No!" again.
  • Because a certain half-pint likes to ram his toys into the walls, I got the pleasure of whipping out the touch-up paint last week during nap time. And since I'm becoming my mother, odd jobs like this are actually pretty fun and therapeutic. Growing up, it was nothing to see my mom wield her favorite paint brush at 5:00 AM before she'd head off to work with her kids at school. Who doesn't love a little impromptu trim-work sesh?? Seems normal enough to me...
  • Since early February, we've had a steady selection of Tulips in Swell Rio, which makes me more elated than ever! I know it won't be like this for long, so I'm soaking up the Spring blooms as much as possible (and probably oversharing on Instagram) before we're back to Daisies and Carnations dipped in dye and doused in glitter. Sigh. Who does that??
  • On Wednesdays, Max likes to watch the landscaping crew do their thing. I look forward to the routine yard work as well because it keeps this kid entertained for hours. As Max alternates which window to look out, the kind men typically take a moment to wave and smile, which makes this little guy's day. I know whenever this has happened because I can hear Max clap his hands with joy and march in place because he's so giddy. It's quite an adorable sight.
  • Since my offspring has a thing for accessories, I decided to add a polka-dot trimmed fedora to the mix. Because, of course... Upon purchasing the hat, I never envisioned Max would have the swagger of an 80-year-old woman visiting the Outer Banks. He insists on wearing it to the side and pulling it down like a floppy sun hat. It looks utterly ridiculous and cute at the same time. I've got to get a photo because it's the sort of snapshot that will embarrass him in a few decades.
  • It's no secret that my dear husband moonlights as Dr. Dolittle. Since we got married, he's petitioned to add a bird or duck to our brood. Erm, NO! And now that he has Max to use as his secret weapon, he conveniently had us make a pit stop at Tractor Supply after dinner Saturday night just to "look" at the baby ducks. It was love at first sight for both of my boys, but since I'm the meanest, Max left with a plush duckling toy instead. Well played, Flyboy! Maybe one day when we don't live in base housing?!? I mean, I'm feeling Spring and all, but I'll settle for Tulips and a box of Peeps instead.
  • I hate to sound like a curmudgeon, but celebrating holidays with kids can be such a setup for failure. As far as Easter went, I kept my expectations pretty low this year—or at least I think I did?!? I wanted to wear something cute (this shirt, these shoes), assemble a fun basket for the babe, search for eggs, cook something tasty, and get a photo or two with Max. I'm still not entirely sure WHY I wanted to get a photo of me with the tot; I don't really LOVE to get my picture taken. I guess I just wanted to document this season of our life and felt like Easter Sunday would be a great moment for that. WRONG! Ever since Flyboy got back from his two recent trips, Max has treated me like a monster whenever we're all together. It's embarrassing! He pulls my hair, claws at my face, and refuses to take any direction from yours truly. I hate feeling so out of control! We're trying our best to follow through with discipline and be consistent, but it's normal to want to rebound from those hairy moments—especially on a holiday. Call it a coincidence, but Max was a total gem when he interacted with his dad over the weekend. It's hard not to take stuff like this personally, especially when you feel like you're giving everything you have to this tiny human. While the last photo is the best shot we could get of Max and me (the rest consisted of too many teary eyes from both of us), it's also kind of deceiving. Shortly after that image was taken, Max ended up in timeout because he went for my hair and face AGAIN. When I look at the photo, I'm reminded that I have my work cut out for me with this strong-willed child, but I'm eager to do the hard work because I love him so stinking much. Being the "bad cop" isn't fun, but one day we'll see the fruits of our labor pay off. No grit, no pearl. Right? 

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...
(Insert drum roll here.)
You're the lucky winner of the Stray Dog Designs giveaway.

Alright, enough of our Swell Rio shenanigans. How the heck are YOU?! Do tell. I'm dying to know.

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