Tuesday, March 22, 2016



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's get this blog week started with a few of my favorite details...
  • Good shoes take you good places. Unfortunately for my new set of gingham flats, a weekend trip to Walmart was the best I had to offer. Hey, it's Swell Rio! What are you gonna do?! I obviously got the better end of that deal because strutting around in those suckers had me feeling silly giddy. In fact, they ALMOST made me forget that moment on Sunday morning when Max asked for juice, I had nothing to offer, and the terrible tot proceeded to swat at my face. Befuddled and embarrassed by his actions, I ended up pushing the shopping cart into a display of kitchen timers. About 100+ buzzers spilled into the aisle and it took me five solid minutes to clean up my little merch mishap.
  • Since Flyboy was out of town this weekend for work, my mom and sister received many random text messages from yours truly. A few days alone with the babe and two dogs will result in me sharing my stream of consciousness with them. Thankfully, they humor me with a series of crying face emojis and a lot of "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" replies. On a serious note, whenever The Rig returns, I NEVER want to listen to Los Lonely Boys EVER again. Save that shiz for Delilah...
  • In this "monkey see, monkey do" world Max is living in, it only makes sense my child has a thing for accessorizing. He loves to don hats, adores wearing necklaces, and pretends to put my watch on whenever he's finished getting dressed in the morning. Naturally, I thought he'd ADORE this lion's mane from Meri Meri, but I was sorely mistaken. Go figure! Instead, he prefers that Beesly wears it and then he proceeds to chase our beloved Berner around the house. I think that look of enthusiasm painted on her mug says it all. GET THIS GOOFY GARB OFF OF ME! Also, WHEN'S NAP TIME?!
  • In Flyboy's absence, I welcomed the first day of spring with oodles of cleaning and yard work. I hauled away nine trash bags of stuff (KonMari, anyone?!) and added several dozen new plants to the front beds and garden boxes. After a weekend like this, I found myself singing, "Damn it feels good to be a (productive and organizational) gangsta..." 
  • Upon first glance, one might look at that black-and-white photo of Max and assume the kid is a total ham and just striking a pose. WRONG! In that moment, he had just thrown his body on the ground for another one of those dramatic toddler performances, when Beesly walked by and distracted him. I had my phone out to document the meltdown to send to family, but my plan backfired in the best way possible. Keep up the great work, Bee! Meltdown aborted. Something tells me all of those veggie straws and cheese sticks Max has been sharing are really starting to pay off.
  • If I had to give an award to the unsung heroes, or this past weekend's warriors, it would have to go out to Glossier's Balm Dotcom and this Notorious Roast from Passive Juice Motel. With temperatures that continue to fluctuate like crazy and last Friday's hail scare (AGAIN!), I said buh-bye to dry skin and storm-induced insomnia. Woop woop!

Alright, enough of our Swell Rio shenanigans. How the heck are YOU?! Do tell. I'm dying to know.
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