Thursday, March 17, 2016


THINKING ABOUT: Why in the world has it taken me so long to try the coconut flavored La Croix?! We can only ever rely on the lemon and lime in Swell Rio, so I decided to bring home a case when we visited San Antonio earlier this week. Woah, baby! I should admit, the first taste of the new-to-me flavor left me unconvinced, but the second sip had me hooked. Who knew drinking something that smells of tanning lotion could be so gratifying?? For those of you who've yet to try it, I'm probably doing a horrible job of selling you on this one, but I promise it's tasty. After a few swigs, I'd convinced myself that I had my toes in the sand somewhere on Windward O'ahu—when in all actuality, I was probably wiping a certain someone's runny nose for the umpteenth time.

FEELING: Before I left for Iowa, I was quite dedicated to my 5:00 AM workout wake-up call. Unfortunately, the time I've logged on my spin bike since I returned has been inconsistent, which just makes me feel guilty and high strung. I'm reminded once again that if I don't take care of it first thing, I probably won't make it a priority later in the day. I swore I was going to turn things around at the start of this week, but daylight savings time kicked my butt BIG time. I know, excuses, excuses! Whenever my alarm goes off, I concoct a handful of lame (but cozy) reasons as to why I should lay in bed for thirty more minutes. It's such a slippery slope. I suppose it's time I rip the band-aid and get back at it! Then again, I could give myself some terrible consequence for not spinning like "No browsing the J.Crew website!!!", but we all know that's not happening any time soon...  

THANKFUL FOR: Last Sunday, Flyboy and I used Max's nap time to be productive and clean outdoors. After the hail and wind storm, the base looks pretty depressing. Windows are boarded up, siding is missing, and random debris is strewn everywhere. They're working hard to repair all of the damage, but they say it will probably be six months before things get back to normal. Since patience has never been my friend, we decided to tidy the area around our rental. As hokey as it sounds, Flyboy and I were raised to take pride and ownership in our stuff, and we couldn't help but feel depressed by the state of our surroundings. We swept and hosed down the surfaces, raked fallen twigs and leaves, and laid new mulch in the flower beds. In addition to cleaning up the perimeter, I plan to frequent Home Depot and Walmart in the coming weeks to replace any plants that were destroyed. It may be months before housing is able to tend to our repairs, but at least we've done what we can to make the best of things.

EATING: Has anyone made chia pudding for breakfast? Do you like it? I have all of the fixings, but I've yet to try it. Do you recommend any particular toppings? What do you use to add flavor? From what I've read, it's an excellent meal that you can prep ahead of time, so I'd really like to add it to our repertoire. I'm not crazy about starting each day off with eggs, and I'm afraid to OD on smoothies. What are some of your healthy go-to breakfast staples? Inquiring minds want to know...

LISTENING TO: I experienced something on Monday that I honestly believe could rival nails on a chalkboard discomfort. You see, Flyboy drove The Rig up to San Antonio while Max and I followed in the rental car. Since the trusty family chariot was covered in shards of broken glass and missing a rear window, we figured this was the best setup. Insert dramatic eye roll here. We got an early start to our 2.5 hour trek, which meant the sun was just beginning to rise in West Texas. The awful glare (could not see a damn thing), paired with a dirty windshield, a screeeeeeeeeeeeaming toddler (holy guacamole!), and nothing but mariachi music playing on the local radio stations made me want to pull over and have a meltdown of my own. Thankfully, an hour into the drive, the sun's morning salutation and tune selection were no longer problematic. I wish I could say the same for the notoriously disgruntled tot. 

WATCHING: Flyboy will be out of town this weekend and a few days next week, so I plan to use this opportunity to catch up on Bravo. Binge watching House of Cards kind of cramped my Housewives loving style, so it's about time I do some prep work for Sunday's Atlanta reunion. I can't disrespect Andy Cohen or Nene's ivory jumpsuit without doing my homework first. 

LOVING: More often than not, my fun money is allocated toward shoes—namely ballet flats. I hemmed and hawed over this particular pair of Kiki Flats for a day or two, but with votes of encouragement from my mom and Flyboy, I went ahead and took the plunge. BTW, how great are my cheerleaders? Now, fast forward a week and imagine how giddy I got when these gingham beauties arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon. Squeeeeeeeee! I can't stop chanting, "Gingham, and spring, and flats, OH MY!!!"

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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