Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! This week has shaped up to be rather eventful, so it's probably best if we get on to the deets...

  • Max loves to pretend he has somewhere to be. He gets so tickled when he goes to the door and waves good-bye. Sporting his sunglasses with a water bottle and a fake set of keys in tow, he'll blow me the most uncoordinated kiss. As soon as I wave at him and give him an imaginary send-off, he runs over to me and prefers that I act really surprised by his presence. WELCOME BACK, MAX! Sometimes if I'm really lucky, I'll crouch down and be paid with a ginormous hug.
  • On Friday morning, I ran errands sans Maxwell before Flyboy left town for the weekend. Hip hip! While I visited the seamstress to get a few of my old tops altered, Max joined FB and his coworkers for a round of breakfast tacos. They had a blast! I definitely missed being around my favorite sidekicks, but it was pretty sweet they got some quality time together. Getting to swap my big mom bag for a small clutch didn't hurt either. Freeeeeedom!
  • Somebody, alert the press and quick! After our Whole30 stint in February, I can now drink my coffee black and I enjoy it. What the what?! A splash of whole milk is still preferred, but I ditched my beloved creamer altogether.
  • Flyboy and I were chatting about our time in Swell Rio and we realized this will be our FIFTH summer here. Gulp! I suppose it was only a matter of time before I gave in and bought a cactus or two. The cute pots made me do it!
  • Last Thursday was nothing but migraines and teething over here. Yowzah! We tried our best to remedy the situation with matching striped tops and medication. Eventually things began to improve for the both of us by the afternoon. I could tell Max was feeling better when he started to tear up the house in his raincoat (90 degrees and sunny outside) and rain boot (on the wrong foot). I, of course, opted to document the messy mania with my trusty camera. This life is never dull.
  • If I'm being 100% honest with you, my sentiment toward that last image wasn't always so rosy. In fact, when I realized Flyboy took the photo and sent it to my mom, I immediately wanted him to delete it. I didn't even know he had his camera out to snap pictures until my mom posted it on Instagram. Gulp! I hate being caught in tennis shoes and my comfy jeans aren't flattering in the slightest. It was a lazy Sunday and I hadn't planned on looking cute or being photographed. Ha ha! When the snapshot finally showed up on the iCloud the next morning, I took a moment to appreciate the image for what it really is. This candid moment captured by my dear husband is what makes me feel so blessed to be this little boy's mom. I don't know if I've ever felt so unprepared for a job in my life. Oddly enough, this little person gives me more confidence than I could ever envision seeing in myself. We still have a lot of ground to cover, but he's taught me a lot in the process. Max gives my life purpose and meaning. I love him so.
  • Lastly, I'm working on a little side project and I've got an upcoming deadline later this week. Unfortunately this means there won't be a Wednesday blog post. Womp womp! Stay tuned for Thursday's Thoughts. Sorry 'bout that!

Alright, enough about me. How the heck are YOU?! Do tell. I'm dying to know.

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