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THINKING ABOUT: Why is it that J.Crew is SO obsessed with linen tees and tanks? I'll admit, I love them the first time I wear them, but then they just become shapeless and ill-fitting. With the temps rising and summer just around the corner my mom uniform relies on this closet staple. What's a girl got to do to get a good cotton tee? I've heard a lot of great things about the knits from Old Navy and Madewell, but finding the right fit is key. I like the Crew's Vintage Cotton Tee, but I don't LOVE it. Any recommendations

FEELING: Yesterday my mom, sister, and I started texting only to realize we were all feeling under the weather. It really made me wish we could all climb into my mom's bed and be miserable together. I'm sure we would be in a state of Bravo and snuggly bliss. If only... 

THANKFUL FOR: Last Friday while navigating a grocery cart around HEB and simultaneously attempting to keep Max appeased with fruit snacks, I looked down at my list and found a sweet note at the bottom from Flyboy. As silly as it sounds, there are times when a task like getting groceries can feel challenging with a tot in tow, so this tiny gesture meant the world to me. Sometimes when you're in the thick of this parenting gig it's easy to forget to do thoughtful things for each other. Unexpected encouragement is everything.

EATING: I love following Lauren Brimley on Instagram because she shares a lot of amazing healthy recipes. This past week I made her Salsa Verde Chicken and Mango Salsa. You guys, it was SO good and ridiculously easy. Promise me you'll give it a shot.

LISTENING TO: In case you're looking for tips on how to become Mother of the Year, read on. It was Tuesday evening and we were eager to put Max down so we could settle in for the night and watch our favorite shows. For the past two weeks diaper changes have been difficult, especially the last one of the day. It seems as though our wily guy will go to the mattresses when he realizes what's in store and no matter what we try to do to make it a positive experience, these final moments together can put a damper on a good day. In anticipation of our final bedtime brawl, I opted to set the mood by playing Let's Go by Trick Daddy. For those of you familiar with the song, we went with the clean version. Ha! This odd attempt to get hyped up for Max's bedtime routine has got me thinking that maybe it's time to invest in a smoke machine. Perhaps smoke billowing into the nursery could really set the vibe?

WATCHING: Does anybody out there watch the adrenaline-charged documentary series Boundless on Esquire?! We're hooked. There's just something I love to hate about Simon's haughty demeanor and Turbo is just as goofy as he is adorable. I still don't know how I feel about Rory and Hunter being added to the mix this season, but their personalities are starting to grow on me. Also, why is it that shows in which people push themselves physically make me want to eat the most unhealthy treats? While they scale mountains and run ultra-marathons in places I didn't know exist, Flyboy and I lay in our bed critiquing each challenge while devouring sweets. It's SO wrong, but it feels SO right. They worry about their electrolyte intake,  and I'm stuffing my face with a box of Dots.

READING: Let's face it, I don't make time to sit down and actually read a real book these days, so how about some link love instead?!

15 Things I'd Want To Tell A New Mother via A Cup of Jo — One post. SO much helpful info.
It's Just As Simple And Hard As This via Momastery — I want Max to be kind and brave.

LOVING: I know I talked smack about my favorite store earlier, but you know we're forever besties. A splash of constructive criticism keeps the relationship fun and fresh, right?! With this week's debut of new arrivals I turned into a puddle of mush when I set eyes on this striped number. Gah! It's THE perfect top. I know many of you will agree. Can we take a moment to gush over that bow on the shoulder?! Gulp! Naturally, this will be making its way to Swell Rio very soon and it's going to become a summer staple. I can feel it!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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