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THINKING ABOUT: I could tell Max was under the weather when I realized I hadn't cleaned the windows since Sunday night. There's no need and it feels so odd! Is a life without sticky fingerprints on glass surfaces worth living? What in the world is happening? Then again, I'm not entirely sure why I'm surprised by this ah-ha moment. The kid has spent most of this week sleeping or attached to my left hip. On the bright side, our stash of paper towels and Windex have gotten a little relief.

FEELING: My sister completed her first year as a student at Creighton's School of Occupational Therapy this week and I'm feeling ALL the feels. Aubrey has wanted this for so long and now she's really doing it!! Ugh, I wish you could see the heart that she's put into her studies. It's impressive! My sister has worked her butt off, and I couldn't be prouder. This past semester in particular has been strenuous (to say the least...) and she tackled it with grit, grace, and gusto. I so badly wish I could give her a hug bigger than the state of Texas, but bombarding her with happy texts that contain Beyonce gifs will just have to do for now...

THANKFUL FOR: If it wasn't for a few dear blog friends, I probably would have missed Max's big break on Tuesday afternoon. Did you hear?! My little guy made his debut on J.Crew's Instagram. Squee! For a hot second I got the chance to see how Yolanda must feel when she sees Gigi and Bella strike a pose. Is this where I insert #PROUDMOMMY? He He! I'm still just a little bit giddy that it happened and I've decided that if the only page in Max's baby book shows that he was the tiniest contender in the company's Gingham Challenge, then my work as his mom is pretty much complete. To those of you that messaged in regards to the photo, thanks for sharing in my excitement. Things around here tend to be pretty vanilla, so it was nice to have a reason to be jazzed.

EATING: Sometimes trying to "do it all" just isn't doable. This week fine dining took a back seat; it had to. With Flyboy's odd work schedule and Max's need to be held (all. the time.), we've been operating in survival mode. The meal plan I originally created was great in theory, but I'm learning there are instances where it's not worth the stress and it's best to flex as needed. Lucky for me, my dear husband has never turned down an opportunity to eat frozen pizza.

LISTENING TO: Tuesday night was rough. It felt like I was up every hour in an attempt to soothe a congested Maxwell, but since Beesly isn't one to shirk her nanny duties, she was right there with me administering Tylenol and snoozing crib side. Whenever I'd get out of bed with the intent to tip-toe into Max's room, I inevitably heard her joints crack as she stood up along with the sound of the nursery door creak as she wandered in the room to join us. She's such a devoted dog! It made my heart melt.

WATCHING: Spoiler alert! Have you heard of Bravo's Saturday Surprise?! Apparently our dearly beloved got the notion to air five BRAND NEW episodes from various series on Saturday evening. I got in on the action last weekend and it was an utter delight, but then I realized I kind of shot myself in the foot when there was nothing to watch on the DVR this week. Ruh-roh! Thankfully I never met a Bravo rerun I didn't adore, so I ended up re-watching the shows for kicks and giggles. Consider this your trash TV PSA.

READING: I'm a sucker for helpful posts and thought-provoking pieces. Have you read anything good (silly, informative, superficial, etc.) lately? Here are a few of my favorite finds from the web this week...

How To Be A Boss via A Cup Of Jo

LOVING: There's nothing like an Henri-inspired pattern to get me out of a funk! Naturally this pair of Matisse looking downloads by Jessica Nielsen made my eyes light up. I'm eager to make them backgrounds on every device in the house. Color me obsessed!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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