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LISTENING TO: If today's post seems extra scattered it's because I'm typing my thoughts under torturous Little Tikes conditions. The humidity has taken a toll on Max's truck and the horn is going berserk. It's currently parked in the backyard, but no one is safe. I can still hear the blaring sound, which means the neighbors probably REALLY hate me right about now. If you're familiar with the movie Dumb and Dumber, the annoying noise is similar to the one Lloyd Christmas makes in the Shaggin' Wagon. Yep, it's pretty bad. I did a little investigating and dusted off the ol' screwdriver, but I can't figure out how to get the steering wheel open for the life of me. And since nap time is sacred and the blog must go on, I'm just going to have to pray the battery runs out of juice and it eventually shuts up. All I can say is thank goodness for white noise because I don't know HOW Max is snoozing under such conditions.

THINKING ABOUT: Are toddlers supposed to have stinky feet? I was aware that having a boy would come with a stench, but I didn't think that would sneak up on us until closer to puberty. Sigh. I'm not sure why this is so shocking to me quite honestly. It only makes sense when your kid insists on stuffing his bare feet into a set of rubber boots in 90 degree heat. Lord help us! I try to encourage him to wear socks but I just know he'd overheat and refuse them. Oy! Does this mean I'm going to have to start powdering his paws?

THANKFUL FORFlyboy has the next four days off and while we don't have any wild plans for Memorial Day Weekend, I'm really excited we get to spend all of this time together as a family. At the risk of sounding greedy, a day or two of sunny weather in Swell Rio wouldn't hurt. Is there any way we could arrange to make that happen? I'm not asking for much here, people!

EATING: When your 8th anniversary falls on a Wednesday AND you find yourself located in a quiet border town, it's necessary to find some way to celebrate. For a couple like us, this usually means FOOD (namely sweets). I started thinking about various options and Jeni's Ice Cream automatically came to mind. While browsing the online store for flavors, I was excited to learn about the new line of Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt. Flyboy and I have an inside joke about fro-yo, so I knew this would be perfect! It was only when I read about Jeni's inspiration behind the Ultramarine Blue Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt that I knew we had to get a pint (or four). It was kismet.
"As Jeni walked through the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibit at MoMa a few years ago, she couldn't believe how intense the colors were. They were so alive that when she closed her eyes, she could taste and even smell each vibrant hue. How she imagines Matisse's signature Ultramarine Blue tastes is encapsulated in an electrifying wild blueberry buttermilk frozen yogurt. It's a flavor described as "spacefruit"—a term used for something that tastes both alien and familiar."
WATCHING: This weekend we hit a parenting low and got desperate. As you're aware, life with Max can be challenging. When it's good, it's GRRRREAT and we're smitten, but when it's bad it's really BAD. He's tenacious, which keeps us on our toes, but that also means that we're constantly looking for tricks to add to our toolkit. Eager for change and frustrated by all of the hitting and crying, Flyboy and I downloaded The Happiest Toddler on the Block DVD. While books are wonderful and we have a lot of them, we needed a resource that was going to help us feel empowered and FAST. The movie was just as painful and goofy as when we watched The Happiest Baby on the Block, but we desperately needed help. Again. Somehow Dr. Karp manages to find a way to get through to toddlers and parents. I don't know, maybe there's magic in his side-swept bangs or sweater vest?! We're aware that watching this movie doesn't solve ALL of our problems, but it definitely provided us with some new techniques that seem to work—for now.    

READING: I had to take a Big Magic break to revisit my stack of parenting books again (Ahem, Maxwell!), so here's some link love:

LOVING: Last week I sent a t-shirt SOS into the blogosphere and so many wonderful readers responded with tee-riffic input (I'm sorry I went there with the pun). After getting lots of enthusiastic votes for Madewell's Whisper V-Neck Tee, I ordered a white and grey option (the basics) and I'm beyond obsessed. Just as promised, the fit is perfection. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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