Tuesday, May 24, 2016



Howdy and HAPPY Tuesday from Swell Rio! Let's hop right to the details...

  • Your kid WILL eat dirt. The decision is ultimately yours to fight it or invite it. While I'd obviously prefer that Max nosh on the Oreo variety, allowing him to go hog wild with the earthy stuff is just one less battle I have to fight and I'm alright with that. He will learn soon enough that it's not that great. Additionally, when there's any kind of liquid AND dirt around, The Laws of Childhood state that he/she must mix the two and make a fun little mess. Extra bonus points if you wipe your eyes or clothing after you've mixed the two. And if conquering stains is a risk you welcome, GAME ON! Let's do this.
  • Our Texas Tornado is back to operating at 100 percent these days. In a span of five minutes it's nothing for him to rearrange the furniture, sprinkle a dozen books throughout the house, and devour two packages of fruit snacks. On Friday all of this happened as I prepped my bag for our weekly grocery outing. As I scanned the house for Max's whereabouts and made one last attempt to corral the scattered stuff before we left the house, I found our tot standing at the living room window waving at a pretty blonde girl parked in front of our house in a golf cart. Because of course...
  • Max and Beesly have a darling relationship. With 1.5 years of nanny duties under her belt, sweet Bee just can't bring herself to stay away from the wily munchkin. He can roll around and be rough with her, get put in timeout for hitting her with his toys, and she'll still follow him to his highchair because she's loyal like that. And on mornings when Max might sleep in, she'll pace down the hallway because she knows he's usually up by now. I think it's safe to say that the feeling is mutual because our resident tot insists he bring his toy Berner with him whenever Beesly has to stay behind. They've become the best of friends and it makes us turn to mush whenever we see them together.
  • Flyboy and I got to go on a day date on Saturday and it was amaze balls! I wore this fun top, we indulged on greasy appetizers at Chili's (the "new golf course"—The Office, anyone?), and we saw Money Monster (my first time at the theater in two years). Saying good-bye to your screaming child is never easy, but it was reeeeeeally nice to get some down time together sans Maxwell. The opportunity to go out this past weekend worked out perfectly because Flyboy and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary tomorrow. Spending the afternoon as a couple was such a delight, and I can't tell you how blessed I feel to get to do life with this man. I said it over a decade ago, and I'll say it again, he's a KEEPER.

Alright, enough of my babbling. How the heck are YOU?! Go on and give it up.

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