Wednesday, June 1, 2016



Happy Wednesday, m'dears! Let's get straight to the details that put the swell in Swell Rio...

  • I could tell the four-day weekend was off to a bangin' start when I opted to give Max a Dilly Bar before noon last Friday morning. Up until this point he hasn't really enjoyed frozen treats because of all the teething, but we took a chance on this summer favorite and it turned out to be a beautiful (okay, and slightly messy) disaster. Max was in heaven!
  • As I mentioned last week, we celebrated our 8th anniversary on Wednesday with a few pints of Jeni's Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt. You guys, it was everything I hoped it would be and MORE! The Lemon and Blueberries flavor along with the Ultramarine Blue were outstanding. Just please don't ask me to choose a favorite. I don't think that's possible! Although I wouldn't mind trying them both again as research—you know, in the event I was forced to choose one and only one.
  • I've decided it's a really great thing that I don't know many people around here because I plan on wearing this striped number ALL summer long. It's striped perfection! In the event the clerks and cashiers at HEB or Walmart start to catch on, I'm going to rely on Max to distract them from my repetitive wardrobe selection. Don't let me down, kid!
  • On Saturday we traveled about 60 miles north of Swell Rio and made our way to the Devils River. Approximately 25 of those miles are spent driving on a remote gravel road amid ranches, cacti, and cattle guards, with no cell service and very little traffic (we saw three farmer's in pickup trucks). When we stopped to get a permit at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, I think the park ranger thought we were lost city slickers from the buzzing metropolis of Del Rio. Ha ha! Maybe the yoga pants and tennis shoes gave it away?! After Flyboy picked up a map and asked for further directions, we parked as close as we could get and then hiked the remainder of the way. Despite the remote location and 1.5 hour drive, the color of the turquoise water made it totally worth it. Above all, it was so nice to experience something new!
  • In addition to soaking up the sunny weather with yard work, a hike, and splashing around in the river, we enjoyed forced snuggles in bed with Max (he's NOT a snuggler), a BBQ with friends, and an afternoon at the base pool. While our tot seems to have mixed feelings about swimming, he certainly enjoyed hamming it up for a handful of strangers at Sunday night's cookout. It was all about chasing puppies and throwing around high-fives and handshakes like they were confetti. With full bellies, a dose of Vitamin D, and a healthy amount of relaxation, it was certainly a weekend for the books!

My goodness, I've rambled enough! Please tell me what you did over the Memorial Day Weekend?

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