Thursday, June 23, 2016



THINKING ABOUT: Last Sunday while taking a dip in Barton Springs Pool, Max showed his distaste for the water by howling and splashing in a very exaggerated manner. This toddleriffic performance led to lots of entertainment for those in our vicinity. Hey Austin, you're welcome for the laughs! While Flyboy did his best to woo our tot with the water, I hung out on the edge snapping pictures and cheering for my favorite duo. Because of our commotion, a woman stopped by and wished FB a happy Father's Day. Seconds later after he thanked her, she felt it was necessary to gift us with her maternal wisdom. Snore. "Why isn't he wearing a hat? He would like the water more if he was wearing one." I'm still not sure why I felt the need to respond, but I explained that he was all lathered in SPF and didn't like wearing his hat in the pool. "You do know that YOU are the parent, right?! YOU make the decisions. You are in control of your child. If you aren't, your husband needs to be." I was taken back by her blunt remarks and felt a lump in my throat. If only this woman knew the power struggle I face with Max on a daily basis and how hard I try navigate and nurture his strong-willed nature. I politely smiled and thought we were finished with our discussion when she decided to press on. "Just look at his ginger complexion. Where did he get that hair and eye color? He needs to have a hat." Once again, I responded and explained that I'm a natural blonde. She insisted I take off my sunglasses to take a look at my eye color and proceeded with more nagging feedback. "Why would you EVER dye your hair? That's ridiculous! Do you dye your eyebrows? You must. I just don't get it. Go back to being a blonde." At this point FB and Max were floating about in the water AWAY from me and the rude mother of two. When she finally decided to get on with her merry sanctimommy way, I couldn't help but tear up. I felt frazzled and weak. Now that a few days have passed, I realized that I never want to allow someone to treat me like that again. I should have shut her down with a simple response like "Why does any of this matter to you?" Because honestly, WHY did these details matter to this BRONZED and BRUNETTE broad?

THANKFUL FOR: Max and I stopped by Home Depot on Tuesday to replace the Pocket Hose in our front yard when I stumbled upon a set of white Adirondack chairs for the back yard. Flyboy and I were on the hunt for a quality pair and these were on sale. Squee! It's like it was meant to be! Without any hesitation I asked a helpful employee to pull the seats on display down from the top shelf. Of course I acted without ever thinking about how I was going to haul them home in The Rig, but with a little finesse I was able to fit both in the back. It's so nice to have a comfy spot to rest while Max buzzes around the backyard.

EATING: We brought a dozen macarons home with us from Elizabeth Street Cafe as a little memento from our weekend in Austin. Best idea EVER! I got an assortment of flavors, but Flyboy and I are beyond obsessed with the lemon and coconut. I would have never predicted that these two options would be our favorites out of the bunch, but I do know that we'll be bringing a lot more home with us next time. Some macarons can be rather bland, but the flavorful filling and texture on these bad boys really stood out. Wow!

WATCHING: You know it's not officially summer until Big Brother begins. Woop woop! Buckle up for weeknights filled with mindless entertainment, silly alliances, crazy characters, familiar competitions, and Julie's pageant-perfect poses. Flyboy and I are in HEAVEN!

LISTENING TO: A few weeks ago Max assumed his use of the phrase "uh-oh" meant he was granted amnesty for whatever mess or mistake he made. These days he likes to use it to point out all of his mother's wrongdoings. For instance, I pushed around a shopping cart with a bum wheel last week. As I threw the weight of my body into navigating the cart, I inevitably hit a few shelves and displays. It happens! With each snafu, his uh-oh got louder and more people started to look. Could the wily fella cut me some slack? 

READING: Whenever we're outside and Max is content running around the back yard, I can usually sneak in a few minutes to read an online article or sift through a magazine. Here are a few quick reads I thought I'd pass along to you lovely people...

LOVING: While visiting West Elm last Sunday, Flyboy and I snagged this cute copper French Press. It's been on our wish-list for awhile, so we went all Donna and Tom and said TREAT YO SELF! It's made sipping java in Swell Rio more delightful than ever.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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