Monday, June 27, 2016


If you told me two years ago that I'd spend so much time researching topics like teethers or sippy cups, I'd probably laugh and look at you with confusion. Being a parent means that you'll become an expert in baby and toddler gear, whether you want to believe it or not. What works for one child might be a complete flop for another, but I've found that when you DO find something that really works you want to share it with any parent that will listen. While I still can't decide whether we've purchased more teethers or bottle/cups over the past 20 months, I'm glad that the hunt for a great cup can finally end here. Woo hoo!

As a longtime fan of Boon products, I added a set of these SNUG Universal Silicone Lids to my Amazon cart last Fall BEFORE they were even available. Because I tend to add a lot of odds and ends to my ongoing Amazon wish-list, I kind of forgot about the Boon SNUG until I was approached by the company recently to review the product. I'm always a bit hesitant to jump into sponsored blog posts because I never want them to compromise the integrity of the space I've created on One Fine Day, but I felt it was silly to turn down this opportunity to try the SNUG because I had plans to purchase it on my own anyway. It must have been meant to be!

We've used Boon's SNUG nonstop for the past six weeks and I love that it makes mealtime so easy. Whether we're dining at a restaurant, eating at home, or having a picnic by the lake as we did this past Saturday, I've noticed there are less messes overall—which most parents can agree is a GOOD thing! For awhile Max was growing very attached to one sippy cup and I knew it was important to try to break that habit as quickly as possible. Let's face it, cups can break, get lost easily, and become bulky to tote around. The SNUG seems like a simple and innovative compromise for both parents and kids. What I love most about the SNUG is that it can transform any regular cup into a sippy or straw cup. As long as you have a lid and straw, you're set!

The Boon SNUG is available in-store and online at Babies R US (set of three for $11.99).
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