Monday, June 13, 2016


Since most of us don't have the luxury of estate-sale hopping in Palm Springs every weekend, there's an online marketplace called The HighBoy where we can scout luxurious antiques, art, and vintage home d├ęcor instead. Say good-bye to rummaging through stuffy and dark antique shops and garage sales, and say HELLO to a website that's modern and elegant! Upon discovering this hidden gem a few weeks ago, I've devoted A LOT of time to scouring the site for fabulous pieces like the mid-century modern items featured above. While I don't necessarily have the money to splurge on any of the furniture at the moment, I've had the best time learning about the pieces featured on The HighBoy and adding them to my lust list. In an interview with The Miami Herald, the site's co-founder, Olga Granda-Scott said it's important that the site go beyond just listing merchandise and EXPLAIN why each piece is interesting. "It is about story-telling and connecting the dots for people — they love history, they love poetry, they love a movie, and it comes together with the decorative arts as part of the whole experience. The experience of living with beautiful things affects your everyday life." As someone whose heart skips a beat for color, aesthetic, timeless design, and history, I'm giddy about The HighBoy's approach to modernizing an antiquated industry. The hunt for fabulous finds can happen ANYWHERE, even Swell Rio.


Each month The HighBoy promotes new pieces from their ever-changing inventory. I love that this month they're focused on a few of my favorite furniture categories like desks, armchairs, and side tables. Interested buyers (or window shoppers like me) get the perk of browsing by category. I don't think it gets much simpler than that!

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