Thursday, November 2, 2017



THINKING ABOUT: We were listening to NPR last Sunday morning when one of the guests mentioned that most people interact with Siri and Alexa in a very snippy manner. Guilty as charged, right?? I couldn't help but laugh because I ALWAYS assume the ladies aren't going to understand what I said or asked, and I rarely give them a chance to prove me wrong. This past week I've made an honest attempt to request the news with a more gentle and friendly approach. I hope Alexa notices the difference in my tone.

FEELING: A few weeks ago, on my birthday of all days, Flyboy and I had a heart-to heart discussion about Beesly. We talked about our ongoing fear that her age has caught up with her and we've been too scared to share our worries with one another because we didn't want to upset the other person. Losing Tripp (my birthday twin) last year was harder on us than we imagined. As Beesly gets closer to turning nine (December 1) and we watch her age become more and more apparent, it's hard NOT to think about the inevitable. After all, nine years is REALLY good for her breed and it's A LOT of time to be the recipients of unconditional love (How blessed are we?!). I realize this is a terrible thing to share with you all, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. As much as I try to block it out, I think about it ALL the time. I imagine losing Tripp has something to do with all of these emotions, but Beesly has been this family's cheerleader from the start. She makes all of us feel special and adored in our own individual way. Watching her get older has been difficult. NOTE: I'm sorry to be such a downer! I'm sure there's someone out there that understands and has felt similarly.

THANKFUL FOR: On a lighter and far more colorful note, I contacted my friend at J.Crew last week about tracking down the coat I've been wanting in the right size and she was able to locate it. Squee! I'd ordered the wrong one at the beginning of October (They had a crazy great promo of 40% off!) and by the time it was received in the mail for an exchange they were sold out. Sigh! I was so mad at myself for not ordering both sizes to try on, but it ended up working out. Also, it pays to know people! You're a gem, Miche!!

LISTENING TO: I so badly want to get a video of Max jamming out to T. Swift's Ready For It because it's *almost* as amazing as watching him get into his bat character. Looking into the rear view mirror and seeing him bob his head with purpose and an occasional snap (He means business you guys!) is one of my greatest parental achievements thus far. Some moms focus on counting and letters; we like to focus on keeping au courant with a sprinkle of Swifty sass.

WATCHING: The wheels on Max's wooden ride-on airplane were getting loose, so I whipped out an Allen wrench and tightened them up for the lad. NBD—even though it kinda makes me feel like a BA. Because our child is attracted to tools and the way things operate (I'm told this is a boy thing??), he asked if he could give it a try. Desperate to keep him entertained, I handed Max the tool and he was in heaven. He even asked to nap with it!?! Anywho, now that he knows how to use the thing, I'm starting to worry about our dining room chairs and the bookshelf in his room. Ha Ha! Perhaps I'd be better off putting a positive spin on his new found skill set and say that he's going to be amazing at assembling IKEA furniture some day. Lord help us!!

EATING: Since we're goal-getters, Flyboy and I made it a point to add "eat at Whatabuger" to our Texas bucket list. We decided this should be something we try approximately four years ago, but as procrastinators we opted to wait until our final weeks in Tejas to check it off our list. The verdict? It was just okay. Be honest, did we order the wrong thing? I'm still trying to figure out what the hype is about. Texans LOOOOOVE themselves some Whataburger. Does this mean the state is giving us the official cowboy boot??

READING: Contracts, contracts, and MORE contracts. I feel like the moment we began looking for houses, we've been inundated with them. Legal jargon here and initial there. Woof! Does this make anyone else really anxious? Heck, I even had to read ANOTHER contract last night just so I could set up a family photo sesh for early December and I about lost m' damn mind. Adulting is overrated.

LOVING: It's been awhile since I've been truly wowed by a mascara, but after receiving some fun money in my birthday card from my parents, I swung by the Sephora in our local JC Penney and decided to spring for Urban Decay's Troublemaker Mascara. The reviews online seem kind of mixed, but in my opinion the mascara gives great definition, separates the lashes, and doesn't flake or transfer when applied. I would even go so far to say that it beats the cult favorite Diorshow Black Out, which I tried last year and obviously didn't end up repurchasing. Have you discovered any new holy-grail products that you're loving these days?

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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