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THINKING ABOUT: I can't believe I'm going to share this, but part of me was kind of sad when I left the dentist yesterday. I know right, WHO am I? For someone who has always despised dental visits, the notion seems absurd, but this local practice has been so good to me these past 3.5 years. Maybe it's my filling-free streak that's talking (Hello, braggart!), but if Swell Rio wasn't 2.5 hours from an airport or Target, I *might* consider staying here forever. Kidding! Totally kidding. But trust me when I say they've been outstanding!!

FEELING: Here's the thing about base housing (or any rental for that matter...), anything you paint has to return to its original color. Yes, even if you pick Benjamin Moore's 2016 Color of the Year "Simply White." Dub tee eff?! And despite the fact that we're without orders and our pack-out date is essentially nonexistent, it's probably time that I whip out the ol' roller brush and cover the walls in a khaki color they call "Macadamia." The only thing accurate about the hue is that I will be NUTTY by the time this project is completed.

THANKFUL FOR: Getting family photos taken in Swell Rio was never an item on our to-do list (It's never a priority, period.), but then I stumbled upon a photographer who just moved to the area and decided that documenting this chapter might actually be a good idea as we've lived here the bulk of our married life. It's also the town that gave us Max. Awww! But now that we're getting closer to our shoot with the photographer, I'm starting to have major regrets about my sentimental impulse. Yikes! I hate getting my picture taken and suddenly we're having to make decisions about the location, outfits, props (??), etc. It just feels overwhelming! Luckily, the photographer has been very sweet and reassuring throughout the process. With her talented eye and easy-going personality, I'm sure we'll get at least one good shot (it's all we need!) that accurately represents our Fine little family. Here's hoping... 

LISTENING TO: I know we discussed her a week ago, but with the release of Reputation last Friday, did you REALLY think I could forget about Taylor?? I actually HAVE to turn to the blog regarding the songstress because in my family I'm alone on Swift Island. My sister had bad blood with her before there was a catchy anthem featuring an A-list squad, and my mom's allegiance has always been with Katy Perry because who doesn't want to feel like a teenage dream?! Flyboy and my dad miss the old Taylor (she's dead, BTW) and long for the days they all felt 22 again. Fellow Swifties, PLEASE humor me and share your thoughts on the new album. The fact that This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things and I Did Something Bad are on repeat around here probably says a little TOO much about my musical maturity level; however, I think they could easily be considered theme songs for motherhood. No? 

WATCHING: We're TWO episodes in to this season of the Atlanta Housewives and it's a snooze fest. Would you agree?! It makes me extra ticked off at Phaedra for being so shady last year because we could really use some of her nasty wit and one-liners by now. I was hopeful that Nene's return might fill the void, but this is one tea party I will have to RSVP NO to if they carry on as they have.

EATING: Flyboy's dad and step mom are headed to TX for Turkey Day, so I should figure out what we'll be eating already. Seriously though, how are we a week away?! Gulp! You might recall that my father-in-law got remarried this past July, so we're looking forward to hosting the newlyweds this Thanksgiving as it will also be their first trip to Swell Rio. We can't promise them much in terms of sightseeing and attractions, so that means food and drink options will be paramount. Send your best recipes and gin!

READING: My mom was out of town last weekend for her aunt's memorial service in Florida, and my dad texted me on Sunday to say that he read Braving the Wilderness in FIVE hours!!! Something about this makes me smile so big just thinking about it. Maybe it's the fact that he was snuggled up next to Fergus (my little fur brother) when he read it?! Ha Ha! I loved the book so much, and I really adore the fact that he did as well. Now which one of you is next?! I promise you'll be hooked by Brown's writing in no time.

LOVING: The Danny Tanner in me was in stitches when my grandma told me she was sending me a new steam mop for my birthday. Clean freaks unite! I've blown through three of Shark's base models since we moved here (hard water is NOT my friend) and could never rationalize buying the fancier version. Once my grandma found out that we were headed for Delaware, she decided it was time for me to upgrade and WHOA she was right about this one! These gymnasium-esque linoleum floors don't stand a chance!    

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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