Wednesday, August 15, 2018



It's been one helluva week. Let's dive into the details, don't you think?!
  • Last Wednesday I got Botox. Flyboy had a meeting, so Max tagged along with me. I was nervous that he might be scarred for life after joining me at my appointment, but he was so entranced by the iPad he had NO clue what happened in the fifteen minutes it took for me to get poked and prodded by the neurologist. Phew!
  • In terms of the actual procedure and its effectiveness, I've been impressed thus far. It usually takes about 7-10 days for it to take effect, but my migraines have been minimal compared to what's been my norm in a typical week over the past year. I'm hopeful and excited to see if the day-to-day quality of life improves as the doctor thinks it should.
  • My primary goals for the Summer included visiting a therapist, finding a solution to my migraines, and POTTY TRAINING Max. Woof! Imagine my delight when, without any prompt, Max declared last Friday night that he was "tired of these damn diapers!" Um... I guess this means we're going to check that third and final item off the ol' to-do list, right?? Nevermind the fact that our spirited threenager sprinkled in his favorite four-letter word into his BIG announcement.
  • Since Flyboy was on-call the previous weekend and we had hopes of going to a peach festival and to Wilmington this past weekend, I told Max that he could wear underpants while we were at the house and pull-ups when we were out and about. I was elated that he was so ambitious, but I had NO desire to stay home again when there was plenty of fun to be had, so we agreed to roll up our sleeves and get to work on Monday morning. He was totally on board and with the help of a hideous Paw Patrol potty, we've had incredible success. My mom always joked that when Max made up his mind and decided to go for it, he'd go all in. I think she was right, because we've had one accident in the past three days and it was primarily because he was afraid to go #2 in his toilet. However, the promise of a remote control Triceratops arriving via Amazon put that fear to rest real fast and it's been smooth sailing ever since. Hallelujah! I've been hesitant to share much about this process on social media because I was certain there would be a "you're the parent, he's the kid" backlash. After almost four years of getting to know Max and his headstrong ways, I should know by now that the typical timeline means nothing with this kid. They say God gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want. I hope that includes a toddler that throws the word damn around every now and then too!
  • A word to the wise. If you see an adorable tee at Crewcuts and the journalism grad/typography junkie in you can't deny a tee that says BIG NEWS, re-think IMMEDIATELY!! Max was wearing his shirt while we were at Lowe's and he was giddy about his Venus Flytrap, so I snapped a pic only to realize that if I posted something like this, people were going to think we had BIG NEWS—like a baby on the way or something, and that's definitely NOT the case. Yikes! Fast forward to later in the week when my child is wearing the tee again and I decide to make toilet paper roll confetti launchers (because Wednesday...) and I go on to share the easy DIY on Instagram only to freak out when my sister says people are going to think it's a gender reveal. Gulp! I adore this shirt, but I need to burn the shirt. Worst purchase EVER!!!

Alright, that's all I've got for now. How the heck are you? I'm dying to know.


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