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FEELINGI got authorization from our insurance company to get Botox next Wednesday. When I visited the neurologist on July 23, he suggested we go this route to treat my migraines. Based on the success he's seen with patients over the years along with the laundry list of medications I've tried, I'm very hopeful. Do any of you have experience with this? Is there anything I should know?

THANKFUL FOR: The local Habitat for Humanity ReStore came to our house yesterday and picked up a bunch of lights, ceiling fans, and kitchen cabinets we took down and replaced when we moved into the house. For the first time in five months, it feels like the spare garage is actually organized and I'm tickled to death to cross this looming to-do off our list.

THINKING ABOUT: There's a lot to love about home ownership; however, paying to trim and cut down trees is not one of them. Woof! We learned this lesson the hard way a few weeks ago when big limbs from one of the Pear Trees that borders the property came down and blocked the driveway. A  local tree service came by to take a look at the work we'd need done to maintain and improve the mature trees on our acre lot and we were quoted $3,400. Gulp! Needless to say, we're going with the bare minimum option for now and only getting rid of the ones that need to go ASAP. I totally understand why it's best to let professionals do their thing, but HOLY BUCKETS that's a lot of money I would prefer to spend a gazillion other ways.

READING: After a particularly rough few days with Max, I can't tell you how much comfort I found in these words from Erin Loechner
"One of my mentors is the mother of a grown-up rock star (the literal, black leather jacket wearing kind) - and she sits with me over beet salads and chardonnay while her daughter travels internationally to play bass in front of a smoke machine and thousands. 
I sometimes talk with her about homeschooling, about how to keep from feeling overwhelmed by the weighty responsibility of teaching your own. There’s so much to learn, so much to teach, so much you want to pass along. What if I leave out the important stuff? is what I ask her. 
My mentor smiles and says this: They’ll find their important stuff. They’ll find their thing. They’ll find a bass guitar and a leather jacket and a place in the sun. You’ll water and wait. One morning, you’ll notice they’re standing ten feet taller, and that’s how you’ll know this thing is the thing. It was there all along; they just needed to grow into it.⠀ 
Mothers: our job is sometimes less about growing groundbreaking kids and more about breaking ground for kids to grow themselves. Show them lovely things. Tell them daring stories. Till the soil, scatter the seeds. Let them pick up a bass guitar, a microphone, a pen. Pray for sun. 
Water and wait, water and wait, water and wait."
LISTENING TO: Did you know that Johnny Cash has a children's album? I stumbled upon it on a whim a few months ago (so glad I did) and found Dinosaur Song, which has quickly become Max's anthem. We listen to it nonstop (the current record is 7 times in a row) and I can't say I mind because the way this child lovingly belts the lyrics is absolutely precious. 
WATCHING: You guys!! Shannon and Tamra in the hot tub this week. Hahahahahahaha! I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard. And how about that boat ride from hell on RHONY??? What the what?! Andy Cohen, you are certainly delivering BIG this Summer, but I could really do without the new chicks on RHOC. They're a bland addition. Anyone else agree??

EATING: My mom prepared Trader Joe's Rosemary Balsamic Steak Tips over a bed of quinoa pasta while we were at her house and it was freaking incredible! If you have access to a store, you should give it a shot. How can something so simple taste so decadent??

LOVING: Finding a side table to match the scale of a king-size bed in a large bedroom is tricky, but we found a winner in West Elm's Wren Bistro Table. Squee! Something tells me I'll be busy styling the space this weekend, stacking books, and dreaming of sconces.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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