Friday, August 24, 2018


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Belle Flats // Squee! Boden is really bringing it with the flair factor this Fall. These flats are insanely adorable. 
  • Whatever Print // Threenagers serve some serious attitude. I feel like the resident toddler is always in "whatever" mode.
  • Healthy Flourless Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Bites // I plan on making a batch of these this weekend. Stay tuned.
  • T-Rex Taxidermy // Dinosaurs or bust! See what I did there?! Anywho, Max totally needs this for his bedroom.
  • Karen Walker x Madewell // Talk about a dreamy collaboration. How fabulous are these sunnies? I love the quirky lines.
  • Kule Stripes // One of these days I will add THE ULTIMATE striped shirt to my wardrobe. It will be royal, obvi.
  • Love Y'all Tote // The Gen Sohr fan girl in me almost flipped when I learned they were going to sell their snazzy bags.
  • Lovevery Subscription Service: The Play Box // This would be such a great baby gift. The contents are adorable!!
  • Bunny Sweater // You guys!!! All the Oeuf sweaters make me want to have a gazillion children. Wait, nevermind.
  • Banwood Balance Bike // This is a seriously stylish and cute set of wheels. Can they make it in my size?
  • Alphacrete Letter // Words can't express just how much I love this marquee. We can agree these letters are lit, right??
  • Why Hello Doormat // It's not often that you find such an adorable doormat that's this big and reasonably priced.
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