Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Awhile back someone asked if I would create a blog post with a round-up of my favorite coffee-table books. I was initially jazzed because collecting beautiful books is my weakness, but then I immediately felt overwhelmed by the task. HOW could I include ALLLLLL my favorite books in one post? Is that even possible? There are just SO many and I would hate to leave something out. After all, it's my collection of beloved hardcover books that typically become a priority whenever we move. They're one of the first things I have to unpack in an effort to feel settled. I love to be surrounded by them; they serve as a perfect source of color, inspo, and decor. Simply put, they make wherever we live feel like home. Sigh. So, in an effort to fulfill this reader's request, here's a list of books I adore (with a handful I had to leave out for now) and have a feeling you might love as well. Enjoy!

Note: I get asked HOW I find the books in my collection frequently and here's the deal... Whenever I visit my favorite boutiques, museum bookshops, brick-and-mortar stores, browse online (looking at you Anthropologie), etc., I will often add the books to my Amazon Wish List for purchase at a later time or I take photos of the book covers with my phone and I keep them organized in a folder for future reference. I realize this trick isn't groundbreaking, but it helps me remember books I'm interested in owning and saves money as well. More often than not, Amazon is ALWAYS the cheapest option. Throw Prime on top of it and the sky's the limit.

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