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FEELING: My parents are coming this weekend and I'm excited! I have no clue what we'll do and the weather shows thunderstorms on the forecast, but it won't matter. It will just be nice to catch up and hang out. Do you have Labor Day Weekend plans?

THANKFUL FOR: Remember how I was on a texting basis with Patrick the trash man? Well, we had to let him go a few months ago. Sigh. It was an unfortunate good-bye, but at least we're getting our garbage picked up in a timely fashion again. Woop woop! There were periods in which we'd go almost three weeks without seeing him and it was getting to be a little bit frustrating. Yesterday he finally stopped by to pick up the two trash cans we were using and I'm pleased as punch to no longer house FOUR large garbage bins in our garage like we've been doing for the past three months. SCORE!! Suddenly it feels like we have SO MUCH SPACE!!!

THINKING ABOUT: I've been looking for an excuse to wear glasses since I was in grade school. There was that time I faked an eye exam in elementary school (3rd grade perhaps?!) and then again a few years later when I used an 8th grade trip to Paris to "reinvent myself" and I wore fake spectacles all around The City of Lights. I can't say I've let go of this dream just yet. In fact, I'm somewhat intrigued by the idea of blue-light blockers. Have you heard of them? They're intended to give your peepers some rest from digital eye strain and it just so happens that my go-to brand J.Crew is selling a variety in their accessory section right now. Coincidence?! I think not. They're by an Aussie brand The Book Club and they're pretty stinking cute. Do you know anyone that's used them? I'd like to give them a shot but fear the lens will take on a bluish hue and it could go from trend-tastic to transition lens trauma REAL quick. In the event I do try them, I'll be sure to share an update. 

READING: Walls by Brad Holdgrafer is one of those children's books that really nails it with the simple illustrations, rhyming text, earnestness, and timely message. There's no denying that we learn a lot about who we want to be based off the books we read when we're kids, and as a parent I'm truly grateful for tools like this that help nurture openness and kindness. This is one of those reads that would resonate with any age group for generations. Read it. I just know you'll love it.

LISTENING TO: We switched from AT&T to T-Mobile a few months ago because their offer for military/veterans cut our cell phone bill in half. As if saving $900 a year wasn't good enough already, they offer random weekly deals for their customers and this week we snagged a year of Pandora Plus for free. Yasssssss! Say buh-bye to ads and hello to offline listening, unlimited skips, unlimited replays, and more. As someone who uses the app a lot each day, this was a total score!!
WATCHING: We live down the road from one of the characters on Teen Mom 2, and apparently they're filming because Flyboy witnessed the crew getting footage of the D-list celebrity sending her kid off on the first day of school this past Monday. So if you see a familiar face picking his nose or something in a grey Volkswagen, be sure to let us know. We're going to need to get in on some of that $300K paycheck she's bringing in. Ha! Last week I was walking around the neighborhood and noticed girlfriend's got a snazzy new Mercedes sedan parked in her driveway right next to that tank of a SUV. Break me off a piece of that, am I right??

EATING: Last Saturday I made a batch of Chicken Zucchini Poppers (recipe via One Lovely Life) to have handy in the fridge for a quick lunch throughout the week and they were incredible. The best part?? They're gluten free, Paleo, and Whole 30 friendly. After making them, I can totally see why they're Emily's most popular recipe because they were stupid easy, delicious, and squeaky clean. I'm eager to make some more—between the two of us, they didn't last very long.

LOVING: Summertime has been pretty sweet and I hate to see it go, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm stoked to experience REAL fall weather again. Eeeek! It will be our first legit Autumn in over a decade and the idea of not having to fake it by sweating through my sweaters makes me silly giddy inside. Naturally I've been keeping tabs of all of the darling options available and I've got my eye on this polka-dot staple, this neutral no-brainer, and this classic work horse in Neony Peony.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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