Monday, April 2, 2012

Life's Little Details: Part III

I hope you had a swell weekend. Saturday was busy with an early morning car appointment, an afternoon at work, and an evening trip to the airport to pick up Flyboy. He's home again, and I couldn't be happier! We spent Sunday relaxing at the beach and working in the yard. It was nice to just be together without any real plans. I've been looking forward to a lazy Sunday at Lil' Puna, and that's exactly the reason today's post isn't anything fancy. I wanted to take advantage of every bit of our weekend together. I thought I'd share some of my favorite Instagram moments from the past few weeks -- details that make life's design that much sweeter.
Cheerful Daffodillies to welcome spring in Hawaii.  / My part-time gig is a chance to get all gussied up.
My old case broke, so I ended up getting a new one at J.Crew. It's rubbery with a snazzy print. Me-ow! / A mid-morning Pinterest break.
Flyboy visited Missouri and sent me a few snapshots. I woke up to this image of Mizzou's Francis Quadrangle and it left me giddy with delight. / My two favorite people met up for a quick lunch date. I can't tell you how happy this makes me!
This adorable card from my mother-in-law was a sweet snail mail pick-me-up. / I ran some errands on Friday and looked over at my bags in the passenger seat. Would you say I have a serious Baggu illness?
Just as I mentioned earlier, my favorite part about working is the opportunity to play with color and accessories.
There's nothing quite like an evening with the pups, a bottle of Essie Ole' Caliente, and the most current issue of House Beautiful. / I've seen this quote pop up all over Pinterest and various blogs. It's so very true!
I promised myself I'd clean out my closet, and here's the finished product. I filled up three garbage sacks and made a trip to the local donation center. Out with the old and in with the new. Hello, spring! / I keep this journal on my nightstand. I always seem to get some of my best ideas late at night.
As you can tell, I'm a big fan of my gold ballet flats. They're not only practical, but precious as well! / This may seem a little silly, but it was a total coup when I woke up to check my email and got this little Twitter notice. Deborah Needleman is one of my role models. It was probably a random accident, but it made me ecstatic.
Beesly spent 30 minutes watching this very gecko. She's a curious and gentle giant.
A scene from yesterday's trip to the beach. Sitting in the sun with my toes in the sand and people watching is my favorite. / Our newest tenant at Lil' Puna, courtesy of the landlord. I thought I would be witty and name this 5-foot statue, Big Zen, but my dad came up with something even more clever --  Zen Affleck. 
When Flyboy's at home, he takes care of the yard work. I love that! I have very little business running a weed whacker.  Note: He's asked me to clarify that this particular work ensemble (madras lounge wear) doesn't leave the hill. Ever. / Another piece of snail mail sunshine from my good friend, Kim -- she's the queen of baking cupcakes. 
Tripp's pose in this picture reminds me of Will Ferrell in Step Brothers. / Beesly gets tickled when the Frisbee comes out.
Beez goes nuts when Tripp is playful. He's not a very excitable dog, so it's like Christmas for her when he gets feisty. / After about five minutes of Frisbee fun, Tripp retires to his corner and  Beesly is bummed out. Where'd he go?
Happy Monday!
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  1. What a great collection of photos! And, I want that leopard iPhone case.

  2. love love love your polka dot top with yellow shirt and purple pants and eyeglass necklace! haha!!!