Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living With Style

The return of Domino magazine -- could those words sound any sweeter? I just can't seem to contain myself. Since the news broke in early February, my official countdown began. I've got several Post-it Notes with April 17th jotted down and an alert on my phone. They're delightful reminders that our beloved shelter magazine will reappear on newsstands and soon. With one more week of anticipation, it honestly feels like an impending reunion with the dearest of friends. I'm so giddy, I went ahead and called the local Barnes & Noble to ensure Domino would be available in Hawaii next Tuesday. That may seem a little outlandish, but I've been disappointed by the late arrival of my favorite magazines before. I want to avoid this if possible and get my hands on this little gem stat. If only I was so lucky to live in The Big Apple, I'd have this special edition on my coffee table right this moment. Oh, the perks of living in a big city that's worthy of an early release date!

All of this Domino daydreaming has me overcome with emotion. I spent a few quiet moments on Monday with my stack of cherished glossies. Revisiting a collection of magazines, like old Domino issues, brings me so much peace and reignites a creative fire inside me. Are you with me? Here are a few captivating covers to get you in the spirit of living with style...
Domino Magazine's Manifesto:
  • Home Should Make You Happy!
  • We swear by the 3 R's: repaint, repaper, reupholster
  • Steal ideas from other people's houses
  • Even the insides of the closets & cabinets can be beautiful
  • It's okay to NOT be finished
  • A chandelier is as timeless as a black dress
  • Renters need not be second class citizens
  • Sometimes your mistakes become your greatest inspirations
  • DON'T BE AFRAID TO MIX STYLES (Louis XIV & Eero Saarinen should hangout more often)
  • When traveling--skip the snapshot & buy something unique for the coffee table

Ugh, I couldn't have said it better myself. How much do you love their manifesto?!? And impeccable cover girls like Jenna Lyons and Zooey Deschanel? This must be bliss. Pull out your daily planner or set a reminder on your phone and be sure to pick up your copy next Tuesday. I'm thinking this calls for a bloggie discussion Linda Richman style, so grab your gaudiest sweater, fake nails, gold jewelry, and gear up for Coffee Talk next week. It's about to get real! 

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I've always heard about the glory of Domino magazine, but I've never read an issue. I will be sure to check out Domino's return.

  2. Oh my goodness, we'll have to discuss this issue! I know you'll love it:)

  3. Best news! There are very few things in life like Domino.

  4. I can't wait! I'm schvitzing.