Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

 Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc
Welcome, April!
While I love the weather in Hawaii, 88 degrees and sunny can get a little redundant at times. You rarely get to experience the changing seasons, and I miss that! Blog posts with spring themes, Easter candy, and fresh bunches of daffodils from the local Safeway are fun reminders that it's time to welcome spring.

Chocolate Goodness
I've had the urge to make these bad boys since I joined Pinterest last summer, but they seemed a little bit decadent. After weeks without chocolate, I'm ready to bid this Lenten season adieu and dive into this dangerous dessert.

The World's Greatest Parents
Congratulations, mom and dad! Today you celebrate 27 years of marriage. Aubrey and I are so blessed to have such amazing parents. You're a wonderful example of what it means to love unconditionally. Your mutual respect for one another and your resilient sense of humor is unmatched. You're an inspiration to me -- the ultimate best friends. Cheers to 27 more years together! I love you both so very much.    

Egg Fun-tivities
I'm so excited that Flyboy will be home for the Easter holiday. We plan to do silly things like put bunny ears on Tripp and Beesly, and hide Milk Bones in little plastic eggs. Yeah, we're those weird pet owners! If you don't have a four-legged friend, perhaps you'd prefer to decorate some eggs instead? Be sure to check out these neon dip-died eggs or these thread-wrapped eggs. Visit Martha's Website for a bevy of last-minute craft ideas to add a little holiday cheer to your Easter celebration.
Who's to blame? The golden ballet flats or the Black Flash?
Let's call this one a life lesson. This week "Type-A" received her first speeding ticket. I prefer to refer to myself in this manner because I'm still a little embarrassed it happened. It feels a little less direct, like my alter ego got the ticket -- not me! I'm proud of myself for not having a meltdown in front of the officer. Instead of sobbing, I managed to lock it up, but that doesn't mean my legs weren't shaking. It happened on my way to work, and it's all I could think about for the remainder of the day. I came home to Flyboy with some 'splainin to do. With my head hung low, all I wanted was to be consoled with a cocktail. It looks like this week's paycheck is dedicated to my ticket instead of colorful cardigans or blinged-out bangles.
Swan Dive or Cannonball? You can find me beachside with a good book.
How was your week? Do you have any big plans for this Easter weekend? 
Any traditions or recipes you're dying to try?

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  1. the outfit at the top is perfect, that skirt especially. hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! I'll be baking up lots of goodies for brunch on Sunday.

  2. Feel your pain on the speeding ticket! I got my first one a couple of years ago, and I was mortified that not one but TWO patrol cars pulled over. Apparently the second one wanted to make sure I wasn't dangerous... yeah, the mom with the carseats in the back.

    Happy Easter! We'll be on the road to Nebraska, but I've got a nice stash of Reese's peanut butter eggs for the trip :)

  3. Hope you enjoyed your Easter! What did you bake? The chocolate stack was SUPER rich, but delish!