Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Favorite Schmidt Quotes

If you asked me a few months ago to name my favorite character on New Girl, I would have said Jess in a heartbeat. And while I'll always find Zooey D's character charming, I never would have guessed the resident ladies' man, Schmidt, would steal the spotlight. With each episode, my love for Max Greenfield's character intensifies. He's got me rolling over his ridiculous lines and quirky catchphrases. I guess you could say that his fear of cats and collection of pea coats had me at hello. Take a peek at some of my favorite quotes from this season...
Be sure to tune-in to FOX's New Girl on Tuesdays at 9/8c.

Are you a fan of New Girl? Who's your favorite character? Got a favorite quote? Do tell.
Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Can't get enough of Schmidt? Then you MUST take a look at his rental application and dating profile.
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  1. Nick Miller has to be my favorite, although Schmidt's lines are always amazing.

  2. LOVE!!! Schmidt has definitely been stealing the show for me :)

  3. New Girl has got to be one of the best shows right now!
    Also, not gonna lie, Schmidt is so adorably weird :)

  4. I love schmidt! his "hills"-themed dating profile literally kills me. can't wait for tonight's ep!!