Monday, April 16, 2012

Life's Little Details

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was divine. What did you do? I tackled four out of the five items on my weekend to-do list. I'll let you in on a little secret -- the one thing I didn't do is work out. Oops! I figured I'd save that for today instead. Can I get an eye roll? Johnny G (my faux spin instructor) would be so disappointed in me. Thankfully, I have him penciled in for a one-on-one sesh this morning. I promise!

(I feel so guilty. Let's move on to the next topic...)

Remember my post a few weeks ago about being adventurous? Well, that trip didn't quite work out as I'd hoped. Darling, I tried to be adventurous... It was a major bummer! Flyboy left for his home state this past Friday night. I can't help but think about how I was supposed to board a C-17 for the first time, a little rest and relaxation with my sister, a chance to vacate this old rock, visit dear friends, and eat some really spectacular food. Womp womp! On the bright side, all of this planning for nothing has me incredibly eager to visit my sister once she treks west this summer. I already want bragging rights as her first official visitor in Colorado. I'm thinking an afternoon at the DAM. Anyone with me?

It's about time that I hop on my spin bike. I think I'll pretend to climb Colorado's toughest hills. That sounds pretty laughable, actually. Maybe I'll just daydream about an afternoon with my darling sister? I can see us surrounded by the work of Clyfford Still. Heavenly, isn't it? 

While I wipe the sweat and slobber from my face, go on and take a gander at some of my favorite Instagram moments from the past two weeks -- details that make life's design that much sweeter.

These studs give a whole new meaning to "as cute as a bug's ear." / This weekend I zhushed my display of cards and cutouts.
I felt very Mrs. O in my Easter ensemble.
Does this mean Flyboy felt very Hall & Oates? Notice the Buddha in the background striking a senior pictures pose. Work it!
The poster says it all. / The upside to Flyboy's departure? He got day off to pack and prep for his trip, which included a trip to the beach.
I scored this dress form and adorned it with some of my baubles. / Saturday nights alone = Pretty Woman reruns and  dog grooming.
Stripes. Flats. Striped Flats! I can't take it. They're happy feet! / Spring blooms courtesy of the mister.
The aftermath of our dog Easter egg hunt. Get it, Tripp! / Kate Spade mailers and coupons are so classy and fun!
A Lil' Puna sunrise. / Persnickety is just an all-around fun word to say. Go on and say it!
Have an incredible day!

P.S. I'm SO stinking excited about tomorrow's post. Be sure to drop by! You won't want to miss out on the fun.
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  1. Aw, bummer on the trip falling through! Was looking forward to seeing you; we'll catch ya next time. James Brownie Funky Jackhammers for everyone :)

  2. I know:( I was so sad when I realized it wasn't going to work. Nick's crew was going to end up leaving from MO and heading to AZ for a few days of training, which would leave me without a way home. I looked into one-way tickets, but they were pretty pricey unless I wanted a 12-14 hour layover somewhere. I figured I was having to try too hard to make it work. And since Beesly is currently on some medications, I figured it all ended up working out in some way. I really wanted some Andy's!

  3. Well, maybe there will be more training in MO sometime, and you can hitch a ride then. Yeah those tickets are pricey; we looked at them as a possible trip for our anniversary, and decided maybe Cancun instead. Besides, it is closer to home in case anything happens with this kids (yes, as a fellow type A you totally know where I'm coming from). :)

  4. "Persnickety"...yes! Agreed, it is fun to say! I love the bright bits on my IG feed from onefinea:)

  5. "Persnickety"...yes! Agreed, it is fun to say! I love the bright bits on my IG feed from onefinea:)

  6. Ok, I need SOURCES for the bug earrings, STRIPED flats, and dress form :)

  7. Faye, would it surprise you if I said all three were from J.Crew? The bug earrings and striped flats are fairly new. I go into a "Treat Yo Self" mode when Nick is gone. Ha ha! I mean, why not splurge on an accessory or two when you're not spending much money on groceries? It's definitely a case of purchases as a result of pity;) The dress form I got for free. They were just getting rid of them at the store. It was like a dream come true! If they give any away in the future, I'll have to snag one for you.

  8. majorly love that dress form to display your jewelry- way too awesome!!! just found your blog through the weekend file- feel pretty honored to be the 80th follower, no big deal...!
    happy monday!

  9. I adore your Easter ensemble. so precious. cute pics!

  10. I should have known your swag was from JCrew. I love your rationale, less money on groceries = treat yo self. Enjoy :) I'd adore a form if another one ever become available!

  11. If you end up in CO, the DAM is wonderful! The newer building is exquisite if you don't mind no 90 degree angles anywhere in building. The collection is pretty good, too. My fav exhibit is the African Art. They juxtapose ethnographic pieces with contemporary African art. The result is glorious and interactive!

    When my friends and I would spend a day at the DAM we would hit up the coffee place right across the street that shares a space with Mad Greens before we went in and would lunch at Mad Greens. I'm jealous you might get to go out there!

  12. Laura! Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on being the 80th follower. You definitely made my day:)

    MsSecAF: We went to the DAM a few years ago before they opened the Clyfford Still addition. I will definitely have to try lunch at Mad Greens. It sounds adorable!!