Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

Every now and then, I get wrapped up in the hubbub of living in Hawaii. I get tired of the traffic and fed up with some of the lackadaisical locals. I don't mean to generalize, but I'm often reminded that not everyone runs on Type-A's watch. Things here are just laid back. It can be a blessing for me, but it's also a curse at times. I experienced a bit of frustration earlier this week when I tried to arrange an appointment for our Volkswagen. I have nothing but love for Vee Dubb; however, our taillight cracked somehow and I'd like to get it replaced in a timely fashion. I already got my first speeding ticket, and I intend on keeping things street legal from here on out. I want to keep the Black Flash in working order. Is that too much to ask? I got transferred to different departments multiple times, had to explain the issue to various employees,  yada yada yada... Thirty minutes later, I learned that they don't have the part and I won't be able to make an appointment until they receive it. I felt like I was spinning my wheels with no results. Yes, you could say I was in a real tizzy. I called Flyboy outraged and in tears. They were rude, and I didn't get anything accomplished. I feel bad when he receives these sorts of phone calls while he's away. There's not much he can do, and I hate playing the role of erratic wife. I was a hot mess! I assessed the situation and considered my options -- whip up a gimlet and think about what MacGyver would do. Instances like these can consume you, if you let them. Lesson Learned: Take a chill pill and get creative -- with your cocktail or your selection of adhesives! In this case, it's okay to mix your pills with alcohol.

While I drive around with my taped-up taillight and wait for a phone call from the dealership, I've chosen to focus on the good. What do I love about living in Hawaii? I love our time at the beach; it brings such peace. Somehow the sound of waves is enough to stop my worries and puts a halt to any overthinking. It brings back sweet memories shared with family, which inevitably makes me feel closer to home. It's these kinds of happy thoughts that help me get back to me.
Seaside Essentials:
Pretty toes are a must! What's better than a coral pink neon? Try Essie's Camera
The older I get, the more I realize the importance of sunscreen.
A cute beach cover-up is a necessity. Can you ever have too many polka dots? I didn't think so.
How about a pop of color with these sunnies?
An adorable swimsuit that pairs stripes and polka dots to perfection.
A festive and comfy beach blanket.
beach boombox that's water and sand resistant.
A bag of pistachios to munch on!
A beach bag and a book.
Protect your face with a straw hat.
Keep your drinks and snacks chilled with this fun cooler.
Don't forget your lip balm!
A pair of Soludos.

Now that I've got you dreaming about the sea, what's in your beach bag?
Don't get too wrapped up in the minutiae of everyday life.
Today, focus on whatever it is that gets you back to YOU!
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