Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Trends: Scalloped Edges

I was ecstatic to see the abundant amount of scallops incorporated into accessories and clothes this spring. They're dainty, feminine, and fun! Take a gander at some of my favorites -- I think you'll find these scalloped details subtle but splendid!
The inspiring look that got me excited! / A snazzy scalloped garland for your humble abode.
Oasis Scallop Shell / Illustration by Katie Evans / Scalloped Hem Dress / Clive Flats / Two-Toned Scallop Bracelet / Clutch
Illustration by Emily McDowell / Cutwork Ballerina / Scallop Collar / Francoise Top / Scalloped Shorts / Satchel / Bangle
Scalloped Belt / Statement Necklace / Pleat & Scallop Shell / Belt / Wallet / Raindrop Lace Top / Loafers  / Scallop Sateen Skirt
What's your favorite spring trend?
Have a lovely Wednesday!
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  1. I am loving the scallops! That blue dress is adorable!

  2. Love your picks! So funny that we both blogged about this today. Great minds, indeed...

  3. Neon & Prints!! Loving these new trends...that garland is perfect

  4. Adorable!!
    I just bought a seer sucker (spelled wrong? maybe?) skirt and I keep thinking how I need you or Aub here to tell me what to wear with it.

  5. cuuute! i have a scalloped skirt and top... but i think i need more now!