Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Favorites

Okay, fine. You don't have to twist my arm. I'll go ahead and share my current J.Crew favorites with you. Be prepared to endure a lot of intense color and pattern. I promise I won't judge you for saying "cute" countless times. In fact, I find that particularly endearing about you. Go on and push that "Pin It" button. These pieces are definitely lurve-loave-luff worthy. In the mood to treat yo self? After a rather long week, I can't really blame you. Now go on and add one of these pieces to your cart. Your spring wardrobe will thank you. That is just SO polite!
Spring Wardrobe Favorites:

Alright, enough of The Crew Kool-Aid for now. Do you have any big plans this weekend?
I hope your Friday is off to a fabulous start!
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  1. that dress and colorblock cardi are absolute perfection!

  2. I know! Wouldn't they be cute together? Eek! I just love J.Crew.