Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pink & Orange Dance

As a connoisseur of color, I was instantly attracted to the abstract work of Kristy Gammill. Her painting, Pink and Orange Dance, is saturated with some of my favorite hues. In fact, it made my heart so happy, it's the inspiration behind today's post.
Bloom Studs / Pink & Orange Dance / Poeske Flat Sandal / Ostrich Pouf
Aaron Dyer / Naomi Top / Cabochon Line Bracelet
Sunglass Case / Small African Beads / Awning Stripes Print /  Carvela Kute Bow Flat Sandals 
Queen Stamp / Heidi Girl Zip Wallet / Type: Coffee Pot & JP Boneyard / Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch / Sunburst Bobbi Set
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S. A ginormous thanks to those of you who submitted your "10 Random Things." I will feature a reader or blogger each Tuesday. Get excited! It's not too late to submit your fun facts, just email me at your convenience. The more the merrier!
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  1. cute cute cute cute! I'm trying to think of a brilliant list of 10 random things. You might just receive an email from me! :)