Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

 Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
illustration via Matchbook
Whenever Flyboy's gone, I typically spend most of my day at our desk blogging or at work. I made a concerted effort to step away from the ol' computer these past few days, and I feel refreshed! Of course, if my office space was half as charming at this Katie Evans illustration, I'd never have any issues when it comes to creating!  
Just a few things that made me incredibly happy...
Berry Gimlet: It's been awhile since I poured myself a gin cocktail, and boy am I glad I did!
Bike Rides: This past weekend we dusted off our road bikes. It was an absolute blast. 
Fresh Strawberries: I got a heckuva deal on strawberries at Safeway, and I'm in heaven. This is my go-to snack.
List Making: When I feel a little overwhelmed and forgetful, nothing is more therapeutic than list making. Nothing.
Watering Plants: I'm sad to admit that I've neglected my herbs, but after routine watering they're coming to life!
New Girl: I kept waiting for that moment you expect from a season finale. My cheeks hurt, my smile was so big.

As Tom Haverford would advise, treat yo self!
My "Treat Yo Self" Picks:
Get your nails done. Oh, you fancy, huh?
Mezzaluna Hobo (it's on sale!)
Banter Banner
Isn't this rosette darling? 
I just love the hot pink ribbon and blazing gold details. I might need this for our office bulletin board, and stat.

Photo by Vincent Laforet
Could this photo be any more perfect? 
It makes me excited for the weekend, Flyboy's return (knock on wood), and a few days spent outdoors.

What are your weekend plans?
P.S. Sorry the images and fonts are a bit wonky today. I was running late for work, and I didn't have a chance to compress them prior to publishing! I just wanted to assure you that your eyesight is fine; the font is blurry because of this gal. Oops!
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  1. Your blog is such a happy place in the world wide web! I absolutely love it. This weekend I will celebrate my mama! Cheers! Thiara

  2. such a unique blog! following :)