Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Paint Chip Table Runner / Crystal Pinwheel Bib / My Mom: Her Stories, Her Words

Linen Tippi / XOXO Watercolor Painting / Batik Serving Utensils / Mint Coral-Beaded Friendship Bracelet /  Mom Always Said Bangle
Mercier Beaucoup Stationery Subscription / My Mother's Clothes / Baggu
Trophy / Mini Lulu / Pink Heart Pin / Josie Maran Argan Oil / Be Brave Poster
Happy Thursday!
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  1. What do you get the most amazing mother ever? It's a real humdinger every May!!!! I'll have to call you and tell ya what I have gotten her so far..I would l like to find something else as well:) You are always the most thoughtful gift giver so I may have to pick your brain some! Love you!

  2. Argh...also I will have to discuss with you how to properly comment on your blog!

  3. I want a stationery subscription!! How awesome is that! Can you pass that on to my husband, por favor?