Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Radar Love: Scarves

I'm absolutely smitten with this Blue Butterflies Scarf by Pretty Penny!
By now, you're aware of my love for accessories. So what's the only thing I could possibly adore more than chunky baubles and colorful flats? I pose this question strictly for dramatic purposes. I really love them all equally. That's kind of like choosing one child over the other. But, for the sake of today's post, it's all about the scarf, my friends. They're a foolproof and fun way to snazzify your outfit. What was once a plain v-neck tee can be transformed into a look with instant personality. How's it possible for something so effortless to be so chic? Ugh, I just get so excited talking about it! In fact, I went ahead and compiled some of my latest and greatest finds. I know you'll love them! And if you're still not sure how to tie a scarf, be sure to check out this link for a variety of techniques. In my opinion, play around with the material and don't think about it too much!
Yes, it's true. I'm sweet on scarves. 
Here's what made the list:

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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  1. loving that Sailor Stripe yellow...I'm having so much fun scouting for scarves this season!!:)

  2. Love #4! And I just bought that zebra scarf last week -- it's so cute in person!

  3. Oh boy, scarves have sure come a long way. Remember when we wore them with our sweater vests in middle school?

  4. My favorites are #2 and #16:) ^^^^And Faye's comment makes me happy! Monogrammed boat and totes and preppy neck scarves:) You girl's had style!!! Albeit not the traditional style of 90's teenage girls but baby tees and flared jeans were for the birds anyway!

  5. Faye, I snorted when I read your comment. I actually came across a photo from our trip to Paris. Oy! What were we thinking? Hahahaha!