Monday, May 21, 2012

This & That: Wayne Pate

A year ago, we received two Wayne Pate prints for our anniversary. They're framed now and hang next to our hall tree at the entrance of the house. I specifically placed them in a high-traffic area, because it's the sort of artwork you want to be surrounded by at all times. His brilliant illustrations resemble the work of a modern Matisse or Picasso with vintage and nautical subjects. There's a certain charm and whimsy to each piece that makes my heart happy. Why not be surrounded by things that bring you delight? While pondering post ideas for the week, I found myself visiting Pate's website -- it serves as the perfect source of inspiration! Though most of the featured pieces haven't changed much, it got me thinking about his work and how it complements some of my recent pins.
Emily Miranda Seaweed Bib / Cluster of Coral
High Falls Sidney / Tulips
Sailor Boatneck Tee / Sammy Seagull
Silk Square / Blanca Gomez
Summerstroll Skirt / Flock
Elva Fields / A Knife, A Fork, A Bottle, & A Cork
Happy Monday!
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  1. Incredible! Your mind works in a much different way than mine does. You have a talent!

  2. these pairings are absolutely lovely! wayne pate has beautiful work!

  3. great post- LOVE that seaweed bib!

  4. Ooooo. That Sammy the Seagull print has been on my lust list for so long! Excellent post!