Friday, January 11, 2013

Lurve Loave Luff

Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
Just a few things spotted and hearted this week...
  • Calm, cool, and collected: Most days, I wish I appeared as easy breezy as this little lady. It's worth a shot, even if it only lasts about 30 seconds...
  • Love Watercolor: I'm simply obsessed with Kristin Nohe's etsy shop. I stumbled upon this "Love Conquers All" print, and I knew it had to be featured in this week's list.
  • Ditzy Dot Scarf: Liven up any look with this adorable accessory! My favorite is the green (obvi).
  • Did you see the January issue of Matchbook? I can't wait to read the new issue this weekend. Of course, I did make it a point to check out their boutique. I'm loving this Convent Alarm Clock and Striped Boatneck — a rather random duo, I'm aware. Wait... I know! Maybe it's a sign that it's time I finally add a Chance boatneck to my wardrobe? I just knew I could make sense of it.
  • These Tate Leopard Ballet Flats have Ashley written ALL OVER them. They're on sale and they match with everything.
  • Missouri Black-and-White Cupcakes: These look delish, but can someone tell me why they chose black and white? I think some gold sanding sugar might do the trick instead. Then again, you wouldn't catch me turning down a cupcake. Ever.
  • Beaded Rose Bracelet: I think I lurve you! It's like the perfect POC.
  • The Westerly Clutch by 31 Bits: This eye-catching clutch would match with anything. Find out more about the cause here.
  • Ideas: If I doodle this saying enough, maybe I'll come up with some ideas? It's worth a shot. I'll be sure to let you know if it works out.
  • Illume Body Butter in Thai Lily: The smell is out of this world. 
  • NARS Goodies: I stopped by Sephora this week and ended up leaving with lipstick in Roman Holiday and blush in Desire (thanks for the superb recommendation, Liz!). I couldn't be happier with both items. The blush may look a little intense, but it gives my skin a rosy glow.
  • Thank-You Notes: Do me a favor and bookmark Pei Design. You'll be smitten with their selection of paper products!
  • Mr. Boddington's Studio: I spent a good 10 minutes on their website; it's chock-full of inspiration. While poring over their lookbook, I stumbled upon their latest collection of leather goods. I think I need this password notebook. It would solve a lot of my problems!
  • A fresh week of TV shows: I was incredibly excited to welcome back some of my favorite shows (especially Happy Endings and The Mindy Project). As much as I love Mindy Kaling, I inevitably wait for Morgan (the male nurse/ex-con) to steal the scene. He's an absolute hoot! And this week we got two episodes of Happy Endings! Woop woop! Who else wishes there was a Rom Com Con to attend? I would SO dress up like Annie Hall.
  • Sarah Tolzmann's Print Shop: Eek! Anyone else excited to add some of her charming prints to your gallery wall? There's even free shipping through January 13th!
  • Acrylic Stapler: Darling, isn't it? It would be an adorable addition to my desktop.
  • Artsy: Be sure to visit Artsy this weekend; it's a free platform for you to discover, learn about, and collect art. It takes a hot second to create your personal account. Hop to it. You can thank me later!

Have a fabulous weekend.
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  1. such a lovely love list! :) can I have that password notebook?

  2. The Mindy project is one of my favorites! I feel like the show is exactly how my life is without the cute/funny guys.

  3. Okay, Morgan is weirdly hilarious! Haha.

    Such a good list. That blush is gorgeous! (Big fan of Nars.)

  4. Heavens to Betsy! This post is just full of great things. :) Sidenote: How have we not yet bonded over Happy Endings?!

    Steak Me Home Tonight!

  5. How does anyone wear close-toed flats? So pinchy yet so chic!

  6. Love the list! I am obsessed with the Mindy Project! I should've known you'd be a fan, too ha!

  7. Love everything on your Love List! Especially fond of that J.Crew bracelet right now!