Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Need Read Greed

Around 10 am yesterday, I frantically Tweeted and got on Facebook in hopes someone would want to share their picks in this week's Need Read Greed. I guess I got caught up planning upcoming posts and kinda forgot about today. Oops! Sometimes Type-A(shley) can also be rather absent-minded. After sending out a desperate call for help, it was Kim DeMass to the rescue! This is just so like her, my friends. We originally met in Texas while our husbands were in pilot training together. Despite a rocky first encounter (I should share that story sometime; it's a fun one!), I absolutely adore her. You would be so lucky to know someone this sweet. Our friendship was an unexpected gift; she's so supportive and encouraging. She embraced me and all my awkwardness—I think that's what I appreciate most. She and her husband are the most genuine people you'll ever meet. I think Flyboy and I are still a wee-bit jealous we don't get to follow them from one military assignment to the next. And even though there's a 12-hour time difference between us, she came through for me yet again. I'm reminded how blessed I am to call her my friend. I could continue this gush fest for grafs, but it's instances like this that make me miss her even more.

  • Need: Absolutely nothing! Both mine and my husband's families really overdo it for Christmas, and I can't imagine a single thing I could possible need. What I do need is a good productive day to unpack, clean house, workout, and eat healthy, balanced meals. Unfortunately, being deprived of unhealthy American delicacies made restraint difficult for my time at home. Seriously though, I've always had Sonic right down the street and rarely ever went; suddenly, I come home from England and can't get enough of the place. So, maybe a good, extra long workout followed by an entire day of cleaning and salads will help me recover from my gluttony and sloth.
  • Read: I'm not the most dedicated reader. I tried once and failed to finish the Lord of the Rings trilogy; I don't think I even made it through book one. I enjoyed the movies (nerd alert), so I want to read the books. I started Fellowship of the Ring again before my Christmas trip and actually accomplished a good chunk already! I'm determined to follow-through on this one, even if it takes a while.
  • Greed: A snazzy travel bag! With all the trips we've been going on, I've started to think about updating the old backpack as my carry-on routine. I cannot help but drool over a stylish tote or duffle—the more leather the better! This D&B was the closest thing I could find to my mental image. I certainly don't need it, but isn't it pretty?!

Can't get enough of Kim? Neither can I. Follow her musings here.
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Have a swell Wednesday!
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  1. Thank you for all those kind words - a much needed pick-me-up! Going straight back to work after hopping the pond back to merry, old England has me worn out; add to that frustration with Jack's recent behavioral issues (I really think he's acting out because our schedules are so un-set) & being Sam-less, and you have a pretty bummed-out Kim. I hope you know how much I cherish you & your friendship, as well. Now, on to research thundershirts, carpet cleaner rentals, & how to install dog-flaps in these weird British doors!

  2. I don't like to hear this, friend:( I bet you're right about Jackson. I've actually heard really great things about the Thunder Shirt. I wonder if that will help. I'm sure it's probably just the lack of routine that's making him act out. We should FaceTime soon! I wish I was around to help you figure out the dog-flaps. I'm sure it would be worthy of you blogging about. Hope you have a better day!!