Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Artfully Inspired

I love Kari Herer's etsy shop; her photographs are swoon worthy! She manages to capture the perfect juxtaposition of feminine and masculine elements in each image. The pops of color and sprinkle of whimsy are intoxicating. I've yet to commit to one of her prints, but I was immediately drawn the the vivid blue background in the photograph, Antlers No. 4184. Naturally, it was bound to become the inspiration behind a blog post. It got me thinking about my love for the crisp combination of blue and white. It's a clean and simple pairing that makes a statement — forever a classic, in my book! Take a look at some fabulous finds that complement the artwork quite nicely.

  • Ugmonk Aluminum Ampersand // Make a decor statement without saying a word. Although this is neither blue nor white, it brings a masculine and rustic touch this collage.
  • Jeweled Sweatshirt // This is one of my favorite purchases. I love the tomboy meets girly comfort.
  • You Are So Freaking Amazing // I'm obsessed with Meg Gleason and her letterpress perfection! 
  • Embroidered Wave Pillow Cover // A bargain throw pillow that makes a splash.
  • Marguerite de Glace Earrings // A simple and chic way to bling it.
  • Learn the Ropes Bracelet // Because my arm party could use a nautical addition...
  • Vintage Love Letter // Decades from now, I can't wait to look at my collection of snail mail from family and friends. I hope they're as charming at this vintage envelope!
  • Barnstable Bag by Kiel James Patrick // This has Cape Cod written all over it.
  • Tauba Short // Have you heard about Andy Spade's sleepwear collection, Sleepy Jones? It's his latest venture that believes in "tinkering and pondering." Lounging is a luxury and it's the motive behind the company. Check out the website. The design is GORGEOUS! The About Section is my favorite.
  • Kate Spade Keds // Speaking of Spades, my Keds are so comfy. I'm jonesing for another pair. Perhaps something versatile like these navy stripes?
  • Siena Large Blue Tray // How fabulous is this tray? I can practically see it in our living room or kitchen.
  • Striped Fabric Plimsoll // Miniature anything is cute, especially shoes. Someone, anyone, have a baby so I can gift you with these, please!
  • Dog Print Melamine Pet Bowl // I have a feeling this is the sort of thing that Beesly would appreciate. Tripp isn't concerned about anything stylish or cute; he just likes feeding time in general.

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